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Randar series3
Game Engine: RoniTechGames using a version of the proprietary 2D RoniTech engine by Ronimo Games BV.3
Air Management / Aerobiz seriesThis series consists of managerial simulations where the player becomes the CEO ...3
Tank: M24 ChaffeeGames in which players can command the M24 Chaffee light tank (and its upgraded ...3
Eidos Collection seriesA group of game compilations released by Eidos.3
Super Skidmarks games3
Zeno Clash series3
Impossible Creatures series3
ICUPS missionsA loose collection of disparate games released by the same developers around ...3
Ikusa Megami / Battle Goddess seriesA series of adult (hentai) Japanese-style RPGs.3
Legend of Kay series3
NFL Fever seriesMicrosoft's football games for the Xbox.3
Albert Odyssey seriesTraditional turn-based JRPGs which both tell a story of someone who tragically ...3
Santa Balls series3
Middleware: Bigworld Technology SuiteGames using a version of the BigWorld, originally created out of research at ...3
Never Alone series3
Scenery Spain series3
Tap Sports Baseball series3
The Hunger Games licensees3
Legend of Grimrock series3
Virtual Chess seriesAll of the Virtual Chess games by Titus Software (Titus Interactive).3
Disney's Treasure Planet licenseesGames based on the 2002 Disney film Treasure Planet.3
Burning Metal seriesA series of car-combat racing games released by Norwegian developer Eye One AS.3
Tir-nan-óg seriesA series of role-playing games by SystemSoft, based on Irish mythology and ...3
Middleware: LÖVEGames made using the free LÖVE 2D LUA-based framework. It is open source and ...3
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