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Farm Mania series4
Farm Tribe series2
Fast Racing series3
Fatal Fury seriesSNK's original Street Fighter clone turned legit fighting franchise in which ...17
Fated Souls series3
Fate of the World series4
Fate seriesA series of action role playing dungeon crawler games.4
Fate seriesA series of visual novels with adult content by Type-Moon.12
Fat Princess series5
Fatty Bear's seriesGames featuring Humongous Entertainment's Fatty Bear. 3
Fault series2
Fear Effect seriesFear Effect series began with two games for Playstation (the second being the ...3
Fear for Sale series3
F.E.A.R. seriesThe F.E.A.R. games are a series of horror-themed first-person shooters ...15
Fedora Spade seriesA series of freeware episodic adventure games starring the hard-boiled ...4
Feeding Frenzy series2
Felix the Cat licenseesGames starring the cartoon character Felix the Cat.Related links Wikipedia: ...2
Fengse Huanxiang / Wind Fantasy seriesChinese-made games set in a fantasy world. Most of the installments are ...5
Fenimore Fillmore seriesAdventure series from Spanish developer Revistronic, set in the American Old ...3
Feral Legends labelFeral Legends is a label for a series of older, typically lauded and ...3
Feral's Family Fun Pack seriesA compilation series from Feral Interactive for the Apple Macintosh.3
Fernando Martín gamesGames based on famous NBA basket player Fernando Martín.2
Fernbus Coach Simulator7
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli series2
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