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PGA licenseesGames that have a Professional Golfer's Association license.54
PGA Championship Golf series4
Pferd & Pony seriesSeries of horse themed games where the player is running a ranch and taking ...15
PewDiePie licensees2
Petz seriesA series of virtual pet simulators.55
Pet Vet 3D series4
Pettson and Findus licenseesGames based on the children's book series or set in the fictional world of ...4
Pet Pals series4
Petka seriesAdventure games based on Soviet folklore humor, featuring historical ...9
Pete Sampras Tennis series3
Peter Killworth's Doom trilogy3
Pete Pilotti & Pontiac series2
Persona seriesPersona is a series of role-playing games, which is a part of Megaten universe. ...99
Perry Rhodan licenseesGames based on Perry Rhodan, Germany's long-running series of science fiction ...4
Perimeter series5
Perfect World / Wanmei Shijie seriesPerfect World (完美世界, Wanmei Shijie) is a series of Chinese-made MMORPGs with a ...6
Perfect General series6
Perfect Dark seriesPerfect Dark is a series of action games by Rare, initiating with a 2000 3D ...4
Perfect Balance series3
Pepsi related gamesGames related to the Pepsi Cola company, best known for its cola drink.5
Pepper Pack compilationsFeaturing Novatis' Green Pepper Pepper Pack compilations.3
Penumbra seriesA series of survival horror adventure games by Frictional Games played from a ...5
Penny Arcade Adventures seriesA series of games developed by Hothead Games based on the web comic Penny ...6
Pennant Race series2
Penguin Land series3
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