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123 Slaughter Me Street series3
Thomas Was Alone series3
Ultima Underworld seriesUltima Underworld games are spin-offs of the main Ultima series, and are part ...3
htoL#NiQ series3
Barkanoid series3
Takeda series3
Small Soldiers licenseesGames based on the 1998 movie Small Soldiers.3
Luigi's Mansion seriesA series which starrs Luigi, Mario's brother, as ghost hunter.3
Counter Action seriesA series of strategy games set in World War 2, developed by Nashi Igry LLc.3
Experimental Gameplay Project: 10 Second gamesIn March of 2010, the project solicited mini-games engaging a theme of 10 ...3
MicroProse Command Series gamesThe Command Series of games were strategic maneuver games where players would ...3
TowerFall series3
Blue Breaker series3
SimTower series3
Savage Reign series3
Team Yankee legacyTank games using the 4-way-split-screen game system first used in the licensed ...3
Pete Sampras Tennis series3
Jumping Flash series3
Fast Racing series3
Rosemond series3
Full Auto seriesFull Auto is a series of auto vehicle combat racing games. Players control one ...3
Beetlejuice licenseesGames based on Tim Burton's horror comedy Beetlejuice or its spinoff animated ...3
Lethal Enforcers seriesArcade shoot 'em ups form Konami, based around using a light gun.3
Heavy Metal gamesGames inspired on the Heavy Metal franchise (comic books, movie, cartoon, etc).3
Super Destronaut series3
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