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Legend of the Red Dragon seriesA pair of textmode BBS door games by Seth Able Robinson, similar in their ...2
Hatfall series2
Icy Tower series2
Tivola's Max seriesTivola's series of games for kids, starring a young cartoon dog named Max. 2
Blood Dragon series2
Dimension X series2
The Eye of Judgment series2
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: GreyhawkThe campaign setting of Greyhawk was first used by Dungeons & Dragons guru Gary ...2
The Oil Blue series2
Steel Gunner series2
3D Engine: ArgonGames using a version of the Argon engine (original or modified) by Silden.2
Alabama Smith seriesA series of casual adventure games starring the adventurer Alabama Smith.2
Multimedialny Świat series2
Theme: Astrology2
Psygnosis' Barbarian seriesNot to be confused with the Barbarian Legacy from Palace Software.2
Plague Inc. series2
Danmaku Unlimited seriesA series of action shooters made in the style of Japanese vertically scrolling ...2
Christmas Conquest series2
Ether One group2
The Fall of Gods series2
Gift gamesCryo Interactive Entertainment's games about a short red devil.2
Dengeki Nurse series2
Topo Soft's Luigi series2
Gameloft's Nights seriesA series of mobile games by Gameloft, simulating life, similar to The Sims.2
Game Engine: VirtualDungeonThis group is for the handful of Neurosport's turn-based filled-wireframe ...2
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