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Masters of Mystery series2
Groovin' Blocks series2
3D Engine: MagestormAn unnamed 3D engine used by Interworld Productions in their first person ...2
After Dark series2
Conquest of Elysium series2
Tarr Chronicles series2
Burger Rush seriesGames that combine the gameplay of the tile-matching and management genres, ...2
F-1 Spirit legacy2
Gooka gamesGames based on the series of fantasy novels by Czechoslovak writer Vlado Ríša ...2
CellFactor series2
James "Buster" Douglas licenseesGames carrying the license of the boxer James "Buster" Douglas. Douglas is best ...2
The World Ends with You series2
Animal Simulator seriesWild animal role-playing simulations from Sanctuary Woods, Inc.2
Games & Girls series2
Moebius seriesOrigin's series of faux-Asian martial arts RPGs set in the exotic realm of ...2
Live Billiards series2
Cryostasis gamesThis group contains Cryostasis, its special releases, eventual successors and ...2
Middleware: xaitControlGames using a version of the xaitControl middleware by Xaitment, which is owned ...2
Flywrench series2
World Championship Soccer series2
Detective Suzusaki seriesA series of Japanese-style detective/mystery adult adventures with horror ...2
Middleware: xaitMapGames using a version of the xaitMap middleware by Xaitment, which is owned by ...2
Song Summoner series2
Cyberstorm series2
Gunstar Heroes series2
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