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Mahjongg Artifacts series2
Covert Front seriesA series of flash-based point-and-click adventure games where the player ...2
PT Boats seriesA series of naval combat simulators, developed by Akella. Originally known in ...2
Rings of the Magi series2
Universe Sandbox series2
Game Gallery series2
Snatcher gamesVersions and spin-offs of Hideo Kojima's Snatcher.2
Insane series2
Righteous City series2
Clockwork Knight seriesA series of games featuring the adventures of the wind-up toy knight Sir ...2
Sea Monkeys gamesGames based on the Sea-Monkeys brand.2
K.C. seriesSeries of Pac-Man clones featuring the character K.C.2
Arthur YahtzeeA series of adventure games which follow the adventures of Arthur Yahtzee.2
Nubla series2
Superstars V8 seriesA series of racing games developed by Milestone s.r.l.2
Quiz Marugoto the World series2
Gargoyle's Cú Chulainn series2
Battle Clash seriesIntelligent Systems series of rail shooters that utilized the Super Scope light ...2
Nevada Smith seriesGames where Nevada Smith is the main character.2
Undead Empire series2
Top Pro Golf series2
Groovin' Blocks series2
Neocron series2
4 Elements series2
Gravity Falls licensees2
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