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Third Continent trilogyCarnell Software's series of adventure RPGs set in the "Third Continent" ...2
Sango Fighter / Wu Jiang Zheng Ba seriesA series of Chinese-made versus fighting games set in the Three Kingdoms era.2
Chuggington licensees2
IHF Handball Challenge series2
Formation Soccer seriesA series of soccer games created by Human Entertainment.2
Pinball FX seriesA pinball simulation series developed by ZEN Studios Ltd.2
Stuntcar seriesFathammer's series of stunt-driving games for mobile platforms.2
Bode Miller licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by alpine ski racer Bode Miller.2
Atlas series2
Mistbound universeMistbound is the name of the original IP developed by W!Games. This fictional ...2
Alex the Allegator seriesA series originally developed by Free Lunch Design AB.2
Dennō Tenshi series2
Chainz seriesA puzzle series by MumboJumbo, LLC involving chains.2
Game Engine: ColdstoneGames made using Ambrosia Software and Beenox's Coldstone engine, which has ...2
PHM Pegasus seriesA pair of mission-based military naval simulations developed by Lucasfilm.2
Wound seriesA series of three short AGS adventure games (called vignettes), based on the ...2
Clannad seriesA series of visual novels by Key, connected by recurrent characters.2
Poker Night series2
Phase D series2
Captain Tsubasa licenseesGames based on the anime/manga series Captain Tsubasa by Yƍichi Takahashi.2
Sidewize series2
Denryū IraIra Bō seriesGames based on the popular segment from the Japanese game show Ucchan Nanchan ...2
William and Sly series2
Amiga Classix seriesContains the Amiga emulator games compilations.2
Sinistar seriesGames in the Sinistar franchise which revolve around defeating the titular ...2
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