User review spotlight: Carmageddon (DOS). Released in 1997.

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Largo Winch seriesGames based on the comic Largo Winch which was created by writer Jean Van Hamme ...2
Formation Soccer seriesA series of soccer games created by Human Entertainment.2
Art of Balance series2
Bode Miller licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by alpine ski racer Bode Miller.2
Atlas series2
Derby Stallion seriesA series of horse racing simulation games.2
CSR series2
Sin and Punishment seriesA series of railshooters for Nintendo platforms.2
Family Circuit seriesNamco and GAME STUDIO's series of top down racing games that emphasized realism ...2
Chainz seriesA puzzle series by MumboJumbo, LLC involving chains.2
HappyLand Adventures series2
PHM Pegasus seriesA pair of mission-based military naval simulations developed by Lucasfilm.2
Wound seriesA series of three short AGS adventure games (called vignettes), based on the ...2
Today I Die series2
America Ōdan Ultra Quiz licenseesGames based on the Japanese game show.2
Phase D series2
Captain Tsubasa licenseesGames based on the anime/manga series Captain Tsubasa by Yƍichi Takahashi.2
Game Engine: Adventure Programming EngineAccolade's ~1990 adventure game engine cloning the look and feel of Sierra's ...2
Memento Mori series2
William and Sly series2
Kyle Hyde seriesNintendo DS detective games featuring Kyle Hyde as main protagonist.2
Diamond Luis seriesA series of Boulder Dash clones for the Spectravideo SVI-3x8 computers.2
Rebel Moon series2
The Ninja Warriors seriesTaito's original three-screen sidescrolling ninja beat'em'up and its ...2
Get Dexter series2
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