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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in ascending order# Games
Headhunter series2
Achievement Unlocked series2
Nicky Boom seriesPair of platform games by Microïds featuring as protagonist the precocious ...2
Rise of Venice series2
Spectral Force series2
Cadaver series2
Hiōden series Wolf Team's series of real-time strategy/RPG hybrids.2
Noah's Adventures seriesSeries of games based on the Noah's Ark biblical story.2
Game Engine: MonocleGames using a version of the Monocle open source game engine (original or ...2
Vector Madness series2
Blinx series2
Frenzy Island2
Magic & Mayhem series2
Small Favor seriesSeries of games created by Jay Ziebart about a nameless assassin.2
Die Fugger series2
Beat the House series2
Baten Kaitos series2
Tritorn seriesTritorn (トリトーン) is a series of early medieval fantasy action role-playing games ...2
Reach for the Stars series2
Zoo Keeper series2
Metajo seriesA series of tactical role-playing games by R-Force.2
Boom Blox series2
Grand Prix 500 series2
Chernobyl series2
Thrust series2
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