Solomon's Key for the NES was released in Japan on this day in 1986.

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MegaTraveller seriesGames in GDW's MegaTraveller sci-fi RPG setting, the only two released to date ...4
GaoGao! seriesA series of Japanese adult adventures, predominantly set in a post-apocalyptic ...4
Ice Age licensees4
Amiga Classix seriesContains the Amiga emulator games compilations.4
CheetahMen seriesContains games that feature the CheetahMen characters.4
F1 Circus seriesA series of Formula 1 racing games produced by Nichibutsu. Originated on the PC ...4
American Conquest seriesA series of historical real-time strategy game which cover wars concerning ...4
Tonko seriesTonko (통코) is a series of games by the Korean developer TWIM, all starring the ...4
de Blob games4
REALPLAY seriesREALPLAY is a series of games published by In2Games, first announced in ...4
Ecco the Dolphin seriesGames based on the character of Ecco, the heroic dolphin.4
James Pond seriesSeries of whimsical games, often in the platform genre and often of a British ...4
Hua Mulan gamesGames featuring the legendary Chinese warrior Hua Mulan (simplified Chinese: ...4
Bricks Of seriesBreakout-inspired action games with exotic settings4
Polda series4
The Land Before Time licenseesGames based on the movie series The Land Before Time.4
Kengo series4
3D Engine: MaxFXGames using the MaxFX engine (original or modified) by Remedy Entertainment Ltd.4
ToeJam and Earl series4
Pro Striker seriesThe Pro Striker series was Sega's soccer franchise from 1993 to 1995, featuring ...4
Dawn of Magic series4
Umihara Kawase series4
Aretha seriesA series of JRPGs where the player takes the role of female protagonists, ...4
Dana Knightstone series4
Midtown Madness series4
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