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Tilt to Live series3
UFHO series3
Panzer Campaigns series3
Legend of Kay series3
Return Fire seriesThe Return Fire Series features "capture the flag" combat between two opposing ...3
Verminian universeA group of games that all feature the same antagonist beings, the Verminians, ...3
Amateur gamebook conversionsIn the plainest sense, gamebooks are Choose-Your-Own-Adventures (featuring user ...3
Real Racing seriesA series of racing games developed by Firemint Pty Ltd.3
Mario Strikers seriesA series of soccer games starring Mario's friends and enemies.3
NFL Pro League Football series3
Stardock business simulations3
Aircraft: Gotha G.VGames featuring the Gotha G.V in a prominent role.Limitations If the aircraft ...3
Nanosaur series3
John Woo licensees3
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy seriesA series of rhythm games featuring the characters, monsters and music from the ...3
Untold Legends series3
Hexxagon series3
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! series3
Michael Andretti licenseesGames licensed after the Italian-born racer Michael Andretti, son of Mario ...3
Dreadnoughts seriesNaval strategy designed by Dr. Turcan, featuring text command interface and 3D ...3
SSI Buck Rogers seriesThis series of role-playing games by SSI is based on TSR's setting and board ...3
Empire of the Ants / Les Fourmis series3
Iron Soldier series3
Cameron Files Mystery seriesA series of adventure games with the protagonist Cameron. A third game in the ...3
Joint Operations series3
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