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Burning Metal seriesA series of car-combat racing games released by Norwegian developer Eye One AS.3
Dead of the Brain seriesA series of Japanese-style horror adventure games with a zombie theme.3
Middleware: LÖVEGames made using the free LÖVE 2D LUA-based framework. It is open source and ...3
LEGO The Hobbit series3
Mazinger Z licenseesGames inspired by Go Nagai's "super robot" manga and anime series Mazinger Z.3
IBM Trivia games3
Letters from Nowhere series3
Incursion seriesThe Incursion games are tower defense games where the towers are shacks manned ...3
Ancient Art of War seriesReal-time strategy games inspired by Sun Tzu's Art of War book.3
Alice is Dead seriesSeries of short Flash-based point-and-click adventure games, set in a twisted ...3
Last Blade series3
Golden Sun series3
Genre: Sports - Bullriding3
Fictional character: Robinson CrusoeGames featuring Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist of Daniel Defoe's famous early ...3
Mysterious City seriesA series of hidden object games developed by Gold Casual Games. 3
Tim & Beer seriesTim & Beer is a Dutch children's series for the CD-i about a boy Tim and his ...3
PilotWings series3
I, Ball games3
Carl Lewis licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Carl Lewis.3
Constructor series3
SkyRoads seriesBlue Moon's suite of sci-fi racing games in Zaxxonian 3D, beating the clock ...3
Robinson's Requiem series3
Pyramid licenseesAll licensed and unlicensed adaptions of the TV game show $10,000 Pyramid and ...3
El Viento seriesSeries of games set in the 30s, featuring Anett Myer and/or Earnest Evans as ...3
Schlag den Raab licensees3
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