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Pinky Ponky seriesA series of adult games with dating simulation and visual novel elements by Elf.3
Kaiser series3
The Typing of the Dead series3
Panzer Campaigns series3
Jade Empire versionsDifferent releases across different platforms for Bioware's first original IP ...3
Time & Magik trilogyA trilogy of interactive fiction games involving wizards and time travel, given ...3
Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes SeriesA series of games featuring characters from Fisher-Price's Rescue Heroes ...3
World of Subways series3
Atari 2600 PaksA group of value packs that were sold by Atari in 1978. Each package had a ...3
Outlast series3
Wings of PreyGaijin Entertainment's World War II flight combat simulation series. 3
Drawn to Life series3
Diggers series3
Wreckless / Double S.T.E.A.L. series3
Halloween Harry series3
Temple Run series3
Russian Bogatyrs seriesA series of licensed point-and-click adventure games based on animated films ...3
Poppit! seriesThis group comprises all games in the Poppit! franchise, centered around ...3
Namco Gallery series3
We're Back! licenseesGames based on the 1993 animated film We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story.3
Project CARS series3
Beast Busters series3
Victorious Boxers / Hajime no Ippo series3
Mahō no Shippo na seriesAdult animated 3D movies, with an editing/compiling feature as the only ...3
Drop! seriesA series of falling block puzzles. 3
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