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Manchester United gamesGames licensed around Manchester United Football club. This may involve using ...7
Manga / anime licenseesUnlike the anime / manga genre, which refers to a graphical style, this group ...427
Manhunter seriesSeries of first-person adventure games, set in a world where alien "Orbs" rule ...2
Manhunt series2
Maniac Mansion seriesZany LucasArts graphical adventure games (Maniac Mansion is the MM in SCUMM) ...5
Man of War series2
Mappy gamesGames starring Namco's character, Mappy, and its sequels.6
Marathon seriesMarathon is a series of sci-fi first-person shooters by Bungie, which share a ...5
Marble Blast series3
Märchen Veil seriesA series of medieval fantasy-themed overhead action games with light ...3
Margrave Manor series2
Marine Sharpshooter series5
Mario Andretti licenseesGames licensed after the Italian-born racer Mario Andretti.3
Mario educational gamesThese games featuring Mario and friends teach basic education skills, such as ...8
Mario fangamesUnofficial fangames based on Nintendo's Mario games universe. 10
Mario gamesThis group contains all games prominently featuring the Italian-American ...173
Mario Kart seriesThe Mario Kart series includes all kart-racing games that contain Mario ...8
Mario Party seriesMario Party Series12
Mario RPG seriesGames featuring Nintendo's plumber hero, Mario but not in the classic sense. ...8
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series5
Mario sports gamesThis group contains sport-themed games featuring the popular Nintendo character ...19
Mario Strikers seriesA series of soccer games starring Mario's friends and enemies.2
Mario vs. Donkey Kong series5
Marl Kingdom seriesA series of fantasy RPGs developed by Nippon Ichi, taking place in the Marl ...6
Marvel licenseesAny game that contains characters, locations, or situations licensed from the ...151
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