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StarFlyers series2
Twinkle Star Sprites seriesA pair of cutesy versus shooter/puzzle games produced by SNK, featuring ...2
Ka series2
Project X Zone series2
Fantastic Voyage licensees2
PT Boats seriesA series of naval combat simulators, developed by Akella. Originally known in ...2
Sweevo seriesGames from FTL starring Sweevo the robot2
Covert Front seriesA series of flash-based point-and-click adventure games where the player ...2
Rubble Saver series2
Demonworld series2
Solitaire Master series2
Dracula in London versions2
Power Blade series2
Lost Empire seriesA series of 4X space games by Pollux Gamelabs.2
Culdcept series2
Johnny Reb series2
Space Haste series2
Sphere Madness seriesGroup of games in which the player controls a ball through a maze from a ...2
Hattrick! seriesA soccer simulation series originally developed by Ikarion Software GmbH.2
Dragon Half licenseesGames based on Ryuusuke Mita's manga and/or subsequent anime series Dragon Half.2
Dizzy Lizzy series2
Namco's Rally-X series2
Give Up Robot series2
X-Out legacyRainbow Arts' post-R-Type shmup series.2
Bosconian games2
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