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Metropolis Crimes / Red Johnson's Chronicles series2
Zeebo F.C. seriesA series of football (soccer) games on Zeebo, all making use of the Zeeboids.2
Phantom Crash series2
The Death Trap seriesThe first games developed by Square were these two text adventures with ...2
Famicom Tantei Club series2
Game Engine: CPAL2Games using the CPAL2 Engine of Czech developer Centauri Production s.r.o.2
Pumuckls Abenteuer legacy2
Casino Kid seriesA series of casino-based strategy games produced by SOFEL and loosely based on ...2
Rumble Roses series2
Lone Wolf adaptationsGames adapted from, based on or inspired by Joe Dever's long-running series of ...2
10 Spiele-Hits compilationsThis game group contains the 10 Spiele-Hits compilations from media ...2
The Elder Scrolls Travels series2
Sentimental Graffiti series2
Trapped series2
Mario Strikers seriesA series of soccer games starring Mario's friends and enemies.2
Qogo seriesChris Sawyer's two Q*Bert clones for the Memotech MTX computer.2
Aban Hawkins series2
Castle Fantasia series2
Adrian Mole licenseesLevel 9's multiple-choice adventure games based around Sue Townsend's satirical ...2
Stacking series2
Starmageddon series2
Psyvariar series2
Denryū IraIra Bō seriesGames based on the popular segment from the Japanese game show Ucchan Nanchan ...2
Hexic seriesA series of puzzle games by Tetris mastermind Alexey Pajitnov.2
State of Emergency series2
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