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Wolfschanze series2
Prisms of Light series2
Dezeni series2
Tasty Planet series2
Girls in Motion Puzzle series2
Regional Power series2
Fruitfall series2
Bomber King series2
Swords & Soldiers series2
Iridion legacySeries of German-developed 3D sci-fi shooters chronicling the fight between ...2
LucasArts Desktop Adventures seriesGeneric (random) adventure games based on famous Lucas movies.2
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs licenseesGames based on the comic series Xenozoic Tales (and its spinoffs, notably a ...2
Image series2
Take Command seriesGames in MadMinute Games' Take Command series, 3D real-time wargames set during ...2
Yogurt Commercial seriesA series of third-person adventures developed by Epic Banana which revolve ...2
Boring Man series2
Kileak the Blood seriesSeries of mech-based first-person shooters from Japanese developer Genki.2
Seafight seriesA series of games naval combat games developed by TriNodE Entertainment Systems.2
Akiko series2
The Legend of Dark Witch series2
Strawberry Porno seriesSelf-designated name for certain early adult games by Koei.2
Where the Wild Things Are licensees2
WayOut seriesA series of puzzle games developed by Konstructors.2
Thrillville series2
F1ROC series2
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