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Denryū IraIra Bō seriesGames based on the popular segment from the Japanese game show Ucchan Nanchan ...2
Game Engine: VirtualDungeonThis group is for the handful of Neurosport's turn-based filled-wireframe ...2
Alfred Chicken seriesGames featuring Alfred Chicken. The 2002 version is an enhanced remake of the ...2
Bullet Candy series2
Quarantine series2
Alien Breaker seriesA series of Breakout variants with a science-fiction scenario.2
Sakigake!! Otokojuku licenseesGames based on the manga Sakigake!! Otokojuku by Akira Miyashita.2
White Noise series2
Big Sky series2
Element Girls seriesA series of lifestyle application games originally published by dtp young ...2
Let's Talk About Me series2
Midnight Outlaw series2
Dual Orb series2
NHL Powerplay seriesA series of ice hockey games developed by Radical Entertainment Inc.2
Eversion series2
Creatures (Apex) series2
Metropolis Crimes / Red Johnson's Chronicles series2
Pacific Strike series2
PC Calciatori series2
Biker Mice From Mars licenseesGames based on the Biker Mice From Mars animated television series, both the ...2
Rottz Games' Real seriesA series of mobile adaptations of classic puzzle games. 2
Manhunter seriesSeries of first-person adventure games, set in a world where alien "Orbs" rule ...2
Blade of Darkness series2
Tun Town / A-Mao A-Gou seriesMostly known in Chinese-speaking circles as 阿猫阿狗 (A-Mao A-Gou, literally ...2
Hector: Badge of Carnage series2
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