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Airstrike seriesA series of Scramble variants for the Atari 8-bit computers.2
Soft de Hard na Monogatari seriesA series of adventure games by System Sacom which tell a semi-humorous story ...2
Engacho! versions2
Star Force seriesA series of scrolling shoot-'em-ups that deal with fighting the evil and ...2
Bridge! series2
Total Eclipse series2
Nox series2
TransOcean series2
Game Engine: Adventure Programming EngineAccolade's ~1990 adventure game engine cloning the look and feel of Sierra's ...2
Knights of Valour series2
The Hardy Boys games2
Mutant Space Bats series2
Captain Gysi series2
EcoQuest seriesEcoQuest is a series of adventure games by Sierra, their common protagonist ...2
Get Dexter series2
Diamond Luis seriesA series of Boulder Dash clones for the Spectravideo SVI-3x8 computers.2
Adventures of Sid seriesA series of platformers starring Sid the tomato.2
The Suffering series2
Omega Labyrinth series2
Acceleration of Suguri series2
Jimmy Connors licenseesTennis games licensed/endorsed by Jimmy Connors.2
Hedgehog Launch series2
Evergrace series2
Magnetic Joe series2
Zombies, Run! series2
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