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Tony Tough Adventure series2
Cryo's Timescape series2
Battlestations seriesA series of WWII action/real-time tactic games set in the Pacific theatre. The ...2
Righteous City series2
Detective Suzusaki seriesA series of Japanese-style detective/mystery adult adventures with horror ...2
INV seriesA series of Space Invaders clones for the Atari 2600.2
Demon's Souls series2
Infinite Space seriesGames in Digital Eel's Infinite Space series.2
Twinkle Star Sprites seriesA pair of cutesy versus shooter/puzzle games produced by SNK, featuring ...2
Demonworld series2
Power Blade series2
Arthur YahtzeeA series of adventure games which follow the adventures of Arthur Yahtzee.2
Summoner series2
Bubble Blobb series2
1080° seriesA series of snowboarding games originally developed by Nintendo.2
Top Pro Golf series2
Nicky Boom seriesPair of platform games by Microïds featuring as protagonist the precocious ...2
Spectral Force series2
Injū Genmu series2
Chernobyl series2
Virtual Reality Studio series2
Crimson Sea series2
Torrente gamesGames adapted from Santiago Segura's Spanish movies, featuring politically ...2
Nauseous Pines / Uriel's Chasm universeThis group contains the avant-garde games from Rail Slave Games' Nauseous Pines ...2
Setting: Destroyer / Cruiser / CarrierGames whose setting is entirely or in part set on-board the military class ...2
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