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Danger Mouse licensees3
Gute Zeiten - Schlechte Zeiten licenseesGames based on the German TV series Gute Zeiten - Schlechte Zeiten3
Fury³ seriesA series of games inspired by developer Terminal Reality's earlier game ...3
Metamorphosis seriesA group of games starring 'The Creator' that has you attempting to destroy him.3
Gundemonium series3
Real Racing seriesA series of racing games developed by Firemint Pty Ltd.3
3D Engine: Real Virtuality 2Games using a version of the Real Virtuality 2 engine by Bohemia Interactive.3
The Last Express series3
Vampire Saga seriesA series of adventure games with some hidden object puzzles from Alawar. All ...3
Dunamis15 gamesVarious release versions of Dunamis15 game.3
Jack Keane series3
Chivalry series3
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War series3
Guardian's Sword / Shouhuzhe zhi Jian series Guardian's Sword (Traditional Chinese: 守護者之劍, Shouhuzhe zhi Jian) is a series ...3
Liquid Games' Quiz seriesThis is a series of quiz games released under Oxygen Interactive's Liquid Games ...3
Energy Airforce series3
Skyward Collapse series3
Gunbuster licenseesGames based on the anime OVA series Gunbuster by Gainax. The anime tells the ...3
Dogfight 1942 series3
Up licensees3
Wall-E licensees3
Hanse seriesA series of managerial simulations involving the Hanseatic League.3
Sonic Advance series3
Badland series3
Les Guignols De L'Info series3
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