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Konami Antiques series4
The Goonies licenseesGames inspired by the 1980s adventure movie The Goonies.4
Historical conflict: Spanish Civil WarThe Spanish Civil War was fought in the years 1936-1939 between the ("red") ...4
Hungry Shark series4
Echoes of the Past series4
MLB SlugFest series4
Sniper: Ghost Warrior series4
1213 seriesA series of action platform games with puzzle elements featuring prisoner 1213 ...4
Gungriffon seriesMech simulation series from Game Arts.4
Microsoft Plus! editions that included gamesMicrosoft Plus! releases were add-on packs for various Windows operating ...4
Setting: Baikonur CosmodromeGames in which the Soviet era space launch facility in Kazakhstan is featured. ...4
Pizza Tycoon seriesGames in the Pizza Tycoon (Pizza Connection) series.4
Point Blank series4
A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda series4
Alien: Isolation series4
Impossible Mission seriesImpossible Mission series of games.4
Dukes of Hazzard licenseesGames drawing inspiration from the television show The Dukes of Hazzard. ...4
3D Engine: Walker 2Games using the Walker 2 engine (original or modified) by Digital Reality, Ltd.4
Castles series4
Earth Defense Force / Chikyū Bōeigun seriesA series of action shooters developed by Sandlot that pits the player against ...4
Army of Two series4
Hebereke gamesHebereke (a Japanese colloquial word that implies drunkenness) is a ...4
The Fall Trilogy gamesThe Fall Trilogy is an episodic 3-part adventure series of games by Kheops ...4
Jumping Jack/Leggit variantsGames inspired by the gameplay of Imagine's Jumping Jack (or Leggit), where you ...4
Real Football / Soccer seriesA series of mobile football/soccer games by Gameloft. These are all 2D games ...4
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