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Adventure Book gamesChoose-Your-Own-Adventure format text adventure games designed using Jon ...3
Merchant Prince gamesGames based upon the book "Machiavelli: The Prince"3
NavyBlue seriesA series of Battleship variants from Use Corporation3
3D Engine: Lithtech 1.0Games using the first edition of the Lithtech engine.3
Setting: City - OxfordGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Oxford, United ...3
SwordQuest seriesAtari's SwordQuest series of adventure games. Contest In 1983, Atari ran the ...3
NHL All-Star Hockey seriesSEGA's series of hockey games licensed by the NHL.3
Qop series3
Gaia seriesThe unofficial game trilogy by Quintet.These three action RPG games shared ...3
Little Busters! seriesA series of visual novels by Key, connected by recurring characters.3
Winning Post series3
Game Engine: VirtualCinemaGames using the licensed VirtualCinema authoring tool originally developed by ...3
Zmeelov / WildSnake series3
Aircraft: Arado Ar 234Games featuring the Arado Ar 234 in a prominent role. This group includes all ...3
Lost Phone series3
D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die series3
Wallie seriesWallie P. Jones is a character created by Andrew Challis and published by ...3
Sound engine: AHXAHX (short for Abyss Highest eXperience), formerly known as THX, is a synthetic ...3
Chaos universe3
Zone 66 series3
Bendy and the Ink Machine series3
Final Match Tennis seriesA series of tennis games by Human Entertainment, Inc.3
Crime Patrol seriesA series of crime fighting shooters that used a video backdrop during gameplay.3
Aldo series3
Les Justiciers seriesThis series of compilations of Ocean was released in France between 1989 and ...3
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