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Setting: City - SingaporeGames in which at least part of the setting is the city-state of Singapore. The ...3
Hermann Maier licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by alpine ski racer Hermann Maier.3
3D Engine: OnyxGames using a version a version of the proprietary Onyx engine (original or ...3
Hexcells series3
Malicious series3
Pokémon Pinball seriesPokémon meets pinball.3
Setting: City - PripyatGames in which at least part of the setting is the abandoned city of Pripyat, ...3
Block Breaker series3
Grand Prix 500 series3
Chess System seriesGames in the Chess System series by Oxford Softworks.3
SCP Foundation universeGames based in the fictional universe of "The SCP Foundation", an online, ...3
K-1 gamesGames based on the K-1 kickboxing franchise.3
The Room series3
Pokémon Trozei seriesGenius Sonority's series of tile-matching Pokémon puzzle games.3
Verminian universeA group of games that all feature the same antagonist beings, the Verminians, ...3
Fussball Liga Champion series3
F1 Race Stars series3
Sentimental Graffiti series3
Disney's Darkwing Duck licenseesGames starring the superhero Darkwing Duck. The Darkwing Duck franchise was a ...3
Ski Jumping series3
Max series3
Kill Shot series3
Zombie Hunter seriesA series of XNA Indie Games by Ghere Game Studios3
Bone seriesA series of episodic adventure games developed by Telltale Games, based on Jeff ...3
Big Box seriesA series of compilations by Beau Jolly.3
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