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Supaplex seriesSupaplex is a series of Boulder Dash variants.4
Galaxy Fräulein Yuna seriesSeries of Japanese-style adventure games (sometimes with combat sequences) ...4
Suzunone Seven! series4
The Neverhood / Klaymen Klaymen series4
Setting: City - São PauloGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of São Paulo, Brazil. ...4
Level 9 Middle Earth seriesA trilogy of interactive fiction games with a vague Lord of the Rings ...4
Rhem seriesThe Rhem games are a series of graphical point-and-click adventures, in the ...4
Might and Magic: Xeen seriesMight and Magic games limited to the Xeen saga.4
The Last Days of Gaia seriesThis game series contains the different versions of the game The Fall: Last ...4
Pro Striker seriesThe Pro Striker series was Sega's soccer franchise from 1993 to 1995, featuring ...4
Fox Ranger seriesFox Ranger is a series of shooters by the Korean developer Soft Action. Most of ...4
Kung Fu Panda licensees4
Sexy Six seriesAn erotic Mastermind variant and its add-ons. 4
GaoGao! seriesA series of Japanese adult adventures, predominantly set in a post-apocalyptic ...4
Flappy seriesA series of arcade puzzlers developed by dB-Soft.4
Geometry Wars seriesBizarre Creations' space shooter series, which began as a hidden game in ...4
MediEvil series4
Dishonored series4
Robots movie licenseesGames based on the 2005 movie Robots, about a world populated by robots where a ...4
Twenty Questions gamesComputer adaptations of the parlor game where one participant thinks of an ...4
Pinball Madness series4
IF Comp 2010 entrantsGames created for, and initially released as part of, the 16th annual ...4
Thor licensees4
Hydlide series4
Katekyō Hitman Reborn! licensees4
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