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Moorhuhn / Crazy Chicken variantsGames which closely follow the gameplay of the early Moorhuhn series: The ...22
Moon StoriesA series of three browser based games with the moon as a central theme (yet ...3
Moon Patrol variantsIn Irem's coin-op Moon Patrol, you control an armour moon buggy and must make ...14
Moonlight Energy series2
Monument Valley series2
Monument Builders series2
Monty Python licenseesAny game featuring the licensed characters and/or storylines or plot elements ...8
Monty Mole seriesGames starring Gremlin Graphics's Monty Mole character.8
Montezuma's Revenge series4
Monster Truck Madness series4
Monsters, Inc. licenseesGames based on the 2001 Disney/Pixar film Monsters, Inc.12
Monsters' Den series3
Monster Rancher series12
Monster Maker licensees1
Monster Madness series2
Monster Jam licensees7
Monster Hunter seriesThis group includes all licensed Monster Hunter games, a series of action ...13
Monster House licenseesGames based on the Columbia Pictures' animated movie 3
Monster High licensees4
Monster Ate My Condo seriesA series of action puzzle games published by Adult Swim.2
Monster and Monster's Walk seriesA series of games where a Victorian gentleman with an internal monologue tries ...2
Monopoly licenseesThis group contains all officially licensed games based on the board game ...34
Monkey Money seriesA series of pokies featuring a jungle theme and a monkey host.2
Monkey Island seriesMonkey Island is a series of comedy adventure games set in fictional 18th ...19
Monker series2
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