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My Coach seriesA series of educational games from Ubisoft6
MX seriesRacing games of the Rainbow Studios' MX brand.49
MXGP series6
MVP Baseball gamesEA's series of baseball simulations with the MLB license. This series replaced ...4
Muv-Luv series2
Mutation Value N Fun seriesA range of mid-priced action games for the Amiga by Mutation.3
Mutant Space Bats series2
Mutant Mudds series4
Mutant League series3
Mutant Camels seriesA series of horizontally-scrolling shooters showcasing Jeff Minter's love of ...5
MusicVR series2
Music on series8
Music / MTV: Music Generator seriesMusic Creation Software5
Mushroom Men series3
Mushihimesama series4
Muscle Car seriesA series of budget racing games from Global Star Software.4
Murders series3
Murder, She Wrote licensees2
Muppets gamesGames based on the Muppets characters created by Jim Henson.12
Munchers series6
MumboJumbo's Luxor series18
Multiple-choice gamesMultiple-choice games (or MCGs) are simulators which take their user input from ...27
Multimixx seriesSeries of compilations from Kixx 5
Multimedialny Świat series2
Multimedia Fusion gamesGames developed using a version of the Multimedia Fusion development software, ...54
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