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Happy Tree Friends licensees4
Inheritance Cycle gamesGames based on or inspired by author Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle ...4
Saga Frontier series4
Princess Maker seriesThe Princess Maker, is a Japanese-originated simulation series introduced by ...4
Dance Central series4
NUGA-CEL! seriesPorts and reissues of Idea Factory's cosplay simulation RPG NUGA-CEL! The title ...4
NES Remix series4
Paper Toss seriesA series of games from Backflip Studios that involves, well, tossing paper into ...4
The Settlers: Rise of an Empire seriesThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire base game with official add-ons and ...4
Zan seriesZan (斬) is a series of strategy games by Wolf Team, set in feudal Japan.4
3D Engine: id Tech 5Games using the id Tech 5 engine (original or modified) by id Software, Inc.. ...4
Kengo series4
Setting: Baikonur CosmodromeGames in which the Soviet era space launch facility in Kazakhstan is featured. ...4
Genre: Sports - Figure skating4
Kinect Sports series4
Bayonetta series4
Legends of Wrestling series4
7-Up's Spot licenseesGames featuring the 7-Up soda's mascot, Spot.4
Hide & Secret series4
Zero4 Champ seriesA series of racing games by Media Rings, dedicated to Japanese street racing ...4
Hydlide series4
PBA Bowling games4
Piposh seriesA series of adventure games by Guillotine.4
Battle Mages series4
Keitai Denjū Telefang series4
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