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Aldo series3
Crime Patrol seriesA series of crime fighting shooters that used a video backdrop during gameplay.3
Agalta seriesA series of traditional Japanese RPGs, with an over-arching story and shared ...3
NFL Street series3
Zeppelin's Frankenstein seriesPlatform games published by Zeppelin Games (later named Merit Studios) where ...3
1942: The Pacific Air War seriesThis game group deals with the WWII flight simulation 1942: The Pacific Air War ...3
Rise of the Robots series3
Final Match Tennis seriesA series of tennis games by Human Entertainment, Inc.3
Ski Racing series3
GO series3
Tearaway series3
Zone 66 series3
VIP Classic Wings series3
Sraz series3
Mahō no Shippo na seriesAdult animated 3D movies, with an editing/compiling feature as the only ...3
Chaos universe3
Sound engine: AHXAHX (short for Abyss Highest eXperience), formerly known as THX, is a synthetic ...3
Victorious Boxers / Hajime no Ippo series3
Märchen Veil seriesA series of medieval fantasy-themed overhead action games with light ...3
Tank: Jagdpanzer 38Games in which players can command the Jagdpanzer 38 (AKA Hetzer) tank ...3
3D Engine: Halo 2Games using the Halo 2 engine (original or modified) by Bungie Studios.3
Wallie seriesWallie P. Jones is a character created by Andrew Challis and published by ...3
Tank: M24 ChaffeeGames in which players can command the M24 Chaffee light tank (and its upgraded ...3
Ori and the Blind Forest series3
Dragon Buster series3
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