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Brave Dwarves series3
ExZeus gamesA series of rail shooters based on the arcade game ExZeus3
One Piece: Pirate Warriors series3
Big Bass Arcade seriesBig John Games series of fishing games.3
Gokko series3
Tornado seriesA series of flight simulations developed by Digital Integration featuring the ...3
The Matrix licenseesGames set in the universe of the film The Matrix. Awards PC Powerplay ...3
Carrier Command seriesA series of action/strategy games.3
Pooyan variantsKonami's Pooyan was a fairly popular arcade game of the early eighties, where ...3
Penguin Land series3
Mutation Value N Fun seriesA range of mid-priced action games for the Amiga by Mutation.3
Tenshi no Uta seriesTenshi no Uta (天使の詩, "Angel's Poem") is a series of Japanese-style RPGs ...3
Slender Man gamesGames (usually horror-themed) based off the character of "Slender Man". A part ...3
Atlantis series3
Charlotte's Web gamesGames inspired by the children's novel Charlotte's Web.3
King of the Monsters seriesGames in the series of wrestling / action games created by SNK for their NeoGeo ...3
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator seriesCombat Flight Simulator is a combat-oriented spin-off series of the civil ...3
Forbidden Forest seriesSequels to and remakes of Paul Norman's original Cosmi 1983 Forbidden Forest ...3
Uncle Albert seriesAdventure games written by Eric Viennot, featuring Uncle Albert.3
Impossible Creatures series3
Starflight seriesThis group covers the games related to the Starflight series. A series where ...3
Groove Coaster series3
Relics of DeldroneyeRelics of Deldroneye is a series of point & click adventure games for the Amiga ...3
3D Engine: Saber3DGames using the Saber3D engine (original or modified) by Saber Interactive.3
Planetfall seriesSteve Meretzky's pair of sci-fi Infocom text adventures, putting the player in ...3
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