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Lightning Warrior Raidy series4
Super Boy seriesSuper Boy is a series of unlicensed conversions of various Super Mario Bros. ...4
F-22 seriesNovalogic F-22 themed flight sims.4
Titan Quest series4
Valhalla series4
Temple of Apshai seriesThe Temple of Apshai series is one of the earliest RPG series ever made. Being ...4
Spy Kids Learning Adventures seriesSpy Kids Learning Adventures is a series of educational games based on the Spy ...4
The Several Journeys of Reemus seriesSeries of games created by Jay Ziebart, which tell the numerous adventures of ...4
PangYa gamesVariants and games related to Ntreev Soft's golf MMO PangYa, alternatively ...4
Taito Revolution seriesA series of Taito arcade games that have been remade by Marvelous Interactive ...4
Sorcerian seriesA series of action role-playing games by Nihon Falcom, traditionally combining ...4
L.A. Noire series4
Game Engine: QuestGames made using a version of Alex Warren's Quest interactive fiction framework.4
The Tolkien Software Adventure seriesA series of adventure games inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, mainly ...4
PDC World Championship Darts series4
Tynesoft Challenge / Olympiad seriesOlympic games released by Thunder Mountain in the US and Tynesoft elsewhere4
Genre: Sports - Figure skating4
PixelJunk Monsters series4
Rings of Medusa series4
[email protected] Once series4
Bricks Of seriesBreakout-inspired action games with exotic settings4
Romancing SaGa series4
Adventures with EdisonA series of educational titles about the adventures of a character called ...4
Extreme-G series4
The Bigs seriesA series of baseball games.4
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