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3D Engine: HeroEngineGames using a version of the 3D game engine and server technology platform ...4
Ready 2 Rumble series4
Capri Saga gamesThe so-called Capri Saga consists of a series of adventure games set on the ...4
The Settlers: Rise of an Empire seriesThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire base game with official add-ons and ...4
The Nightmare Before Christmas licenseesGames based on Tim Burton's 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.4
Thunderstrike/Thunderhawk series4
NHRA licenseesDrag racing games that are officially licensed by the National Hot Rod ...4
Silicon Dreams seriesThree inter-related science-fiction adventures from Level 9, later released as ...4
Tonko seriesTonko (통코) is a series of games by the Korean developer TWIM, all starring the ...4
Summer Carnival seriesSummer Carnival was Naxat Soft's answer to Hudson's Caravan Tournament ...4
Fedora Spade seriesA series of freeware episodic adventure games starring the hard-boiled ...4
Setting: City - HamburgGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Hamburg, Germany. ...4
Playmobil licenseesGames based on the popular Playmobile line of toys.4
Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) gamesA suite of late adventure games developed by Dynamix were all made using a ...4
Hero Quest series4
Saga Frontier series4
Tingle gamesGames which feature Tingle, a recurring character from the Legend of Zelda ...4
Bakushō!! seriesA series of board games which simulates the lives of the player characters. ...4
Lightning Warrior Raidy series4
F-22 seriesNovalogic F-22 themed flight sims.4
Sorcerian seriesA series of action role-playing games by Nihon Falcom, traditionally combining ...4
Game Engine: QuestGames made using a version of Alex Warren's Quest interactive fiction framework.4
Blade licenseesGames featuring Marvel Comics' vampire hunter, Blade (Eric Brooks) created by ...4
Extreme-G series4
Conker games4
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