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Sniper: Ghost Warrior series4
3D Engine: HeroEngineGames using a version of the 3D game engine and server technology platform ...4
Ken Griffey Jr. licenseesBaseball games licensed/endorsed by Ken Griffey Jr.4
Legion seriesA series of strategy games developed by Slitherine Software.4
Metal Max seriesMetal Max is a series of role-playing games initially created by Hiroshi ...4
Robots movie licenseesGames based on the 2005 movie Robots, about a world populated by robots where a ...4
Historical conflict: Winter WarGames based upon the November 1939 to March 1940 Winter War between the Soviet ...4
Titeuf licensees4
Eastside Hockey Manager seriesIn January 2007 developer Sports Interactive Limited announced to discontinue ...4
No More Heroes series4
Phantasmagoria seriesPhantasmagoria is a series of horror adventure games created by the Sierra ...4
Last Bible seriesA sub-series of Megaten universe set in a medieval environment4
Hacker series4
Millennium seriesMillennium is an episodic series of RPG starring Marine, her cousin Benoit and ...4
Carnivores series4
Dezaemon seriesA series of game creation software that lets players design their own games of ...4
Dirt Track Racing series4
Vroom legacyLankhor's series of F1 racing titles.4
The Goonies licenseesGames inspired by the 1980s adventure movie The Goonies.4
3D Engine: 4A EngineGames using a version of the proprietary 4A Engine (original or modified) ...4
Delaware St. John seriesA series of adventure games developed by Big Time Games starring paranormal ...4
Prey series4
DJ Max series4
Jaws licenseesGames based on the Jaws movie series released by Universal Studios featuring a ...4
Excite seriesSeries of extreme racing sport games by Nintendo.4
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