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Mega Man / Rockman Zero seriesThe Mega Man Zero series is a spinoff of the Mega Man/Rockman X series of ...5
Berks seriesA collection of games written by Jon Williams.5
Enlight's Empire seriesManagarial simulation games from Enlight bearing the Empire title.5
Dungeon Master series5
2 Shot Diary seriesA series of adult Japanese visual novel-type adventure games, originally ...5
3D Engine: Big Huge EngineGames using the proprietary Big Huge Engine, developed by Big Huge Games, Inc.5
Trauma Center series5
N.I.C.E. series5
MicroDeal's Adventure gamesA group of text adventures published for the Commodore 16, Plus/4 computer by ...5
Disney's Lost Empire series5
Enter the Story series5
Konohana seriesKonohana murder mystery visual novel game series.5
NBA Street seriesSeries of basket ball video games played on public street courts.5
Ultimate Soccer Manager seriesImpressions Games series of football managing games. The series are known for ...5
Playrix's Atlantis series5
Robot seriesThe titles of the ROBOT series are arcade puzzle games written by Christian ...5
Imperium Romanum series5
V.G. / Variable Geo seriesUsually just named "V.G." after the first game, this is a series of fighting ...5
Brad Stallion seriesFree Spirit's suite of adult sci-fi adventure games, featuring the erotic ...5
Handball Manager series5
Ricky Carmichael licensees5
Mount&Blade seriesA medieval strategy/role playing/simulation hybrid series originally developed ...5
Game engine: Spinnaker Adventure Language (SAL)Games made by Byron Preiss Video Productions and published through Spinnaker's ...5
Star Wars: Rebel Assault series5
SY!NSO (Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!) series5
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