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Gravity Angels series4
Ecco the Dolphin seriesGames based on the character of Ecco, the heroic dolphin.4
de Blob games4
The Several Journeys of Reemus seriesSeries of games created by Jay Ziebart, which tell the numerous adventures of ...4
Tempest legacyGames based on the original vector-based Atari shooter.4
Baseball Stars series4
Hacker Games Launcher seriesThis is a list of all games in the Blue Sky hacker series of games by exoSyphen.4
Officially-licensed Marble Madness gamesOfficial conversions of Atari Games's fast-paced ball-control coin-op4
Vietcong series4
Dino Crisis series4
Chrome seriesA series of Sci-Fi shooters developed by Techland.4
Infogrames Crystal Collection games3 abstract puzzle games from the French publisher, all branded under the same ...4
Jimmy White licenseesSnooker games licensed/endorsed by Jimmy White.4
World in Conflict seriesThe World in Conflict games are real-time strategy games in an alternate ...4
Poing seriesPaul van der Valk's series of horizontal Break-Out clones.4
Austin Powers licenseesGames based on the Austin Powers movie series starring Mike Myers in a spoof of ...4
Mad Business simulations4
Turma da Mônica (Mônica's Gang) licenseesMonica's Gang is a comic book series created by Mauricio de Sousa in 1959. With ...4
5 Plus One compilationsA series of compilations published by Prism Leisure Corporation Plc.4
The Great Battles seriesThe Great Battles are computer conversions of a board wargame system developed ...4
Gridrunner series4
CT Special Forces series4
Heavy Rain series4
Poker Face Paul series4
Hunchback legacyGames published by Ocean using their exclusive home computer and console ...4
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