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Gameloft's Sexy Poker seriesA series of strip poker games by Gameloft S.A.4
Qubic translationsGames based on the 1953 Parker Brothers board game of the same name. The game ...4
Xak seriesXak is a series of medieval-themed action role-playing games by Micro Cabin. ...4
Pyramid Magic seriesA series of action puzzle games starring an explorer seeking a treasure inside ...4
Anteater variantsThis group is for games that are variants on the arcade coin-op game Anteater.4
Speed Racer licensees4
Space Adventure Cobra licensees4
James Cameron's Avatar licenseesGames based on James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster film.4
Bet on Soldier series4
Vroom legacyLankhor's series of F1 racing titles.4
Viewtiful Joe series4
Binary Domain series4
SiN series4
Capitalism seriesEnlight Software's series of business simulation games, in which the player is ...4
Lucasfilm WWII Air Combat trilogyAll games that are part of the Lucasfilm/Lawrence Holland WWII air combat ...4
Shiryō Sensen / War of the Dead gamesShiryō Sensen (死霊戦線, War of the Dead) are post-apocalyptic, free-roaming ...4
The Political Machine seriesThe Political Machine is an on-going series of titles developed by Stardock ...4
Jack the Nipper seriesGames starring a toddler from Gremlin Graphics.4
Keitai Denjū Telefang series4
Wasteland seriesGames that involve the Arizona Desert Rangers and are set in a post-apocalyptic ...4
Bricks Of seriesBreakout-inspired action games with exotic settings4
The Tolkien Software Adventure seriesA series of adventure games inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, mainly ...4
Temple of Apshai seriesThe Temple of Apshai series is one of the earliest RPG series ever made. Being ...4
The Famous Five licenseesGames based or inspired by characters created by author Enid Blyton in his ...4
Titus the Fox versionsThe game "Titus the Fox" was released in more than one version.4
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