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Banjo-Kazooie seriesA series of video games which feature the honey bear, Banjo, and his breegull ...5
D.A. Pursuit of Justice legacyLegacy Interactive's Pursuit of Justice law simulation adventure games5
Lula games5
Atelier Iris series5
Shiawase Usagi gamesShiawase Usagi ("Happy Rabbit") is a series of unlicensed, ...5
Spy Fox series5
3D Engine: MassTechGames using a version of the MassTech engine (original or modified) by Massive ...5
POD seriesA futuristic racing series by Ubisoft.5
Seven Kingdoms series5
Ball Revamped series5
Son Son series5
Dead to Rights series5
Airline Tycoon seriesA series of airline business simulation games by development studio Spellbound ...5
Carriers at War series5
Mad Business simulations5
Ghost Rider Licensees5
Angelique Games Koei's Angelique games are among the few examples of dating-oriented titles ...5
The Berenstain Bears licenseesGames in this group have an official license of the Berenstain Bears children's ...5
America's Army seriesA series of serious games based on actual army situations. It was mainly ...5
Gameplay Feature: Arena FightingGames that feature the player, voluntarily or otherwise, fighting in a ...5
Big City Adventure series5
Dante's Inferno series5
Star Wars: Battlefront seriesParent Group Star Wars Licensees 5
Call of Juarez series5
World Heroes series5
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