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Yume Nikki fangamesUnofficial fangames inspired by the settings and gameplay of Yume Nikki, a cult ...3
Kujakuō games3
Panzer Tactics series3
Angeln series3
Wreck-it Ralph licenseesGames based on the 2012 Disney movie Wreck-it Ralph.3
Lost Horizon series3
New Yankee series3
Roogoo series3
Celestial Vale universeTriptych Games' series of online pet games that take place in a world inhabited ...3
Die drei series3
Smashy Road series3
Knack series3
Desktop Dungeons series3
Rainbow Fish licenseesGames based on the Rainbow Fish children's book series by Marcus Pfister and ...3
Ricochet seriesA series of Breakout variants made by Reflexive Entertainment.3
Setting: City - LeipzigGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Leipzig, Germany. ...3
Historical conflict: Great Roman Civil WarThis group includes all the games that have the player fight in the Great Roman ...3
BattleTanx games3
Giddy seriesGiddy (the egg-shaped hero) was created by Phil Ruston as a tribute to the ...3
Class of Heroes series3
The Treasures of Mystery Island seriesA series of adventure games from Alawar that take place on or around the ...3
Hole in One Golf series3
Thing on a Spring seriesGremlin's pair of platform games featuring the Thing on a Spring as playable ...3
Gaia Online gamesGames made for and integrated with Gaia Online, a social website revolving ...3
Pooyan variantsKonami's Pooyan was a fairly popular arcade game of the early eighties, where ...3
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