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Ninja-style recreationBeing a ninja is not all about assassinations, blood and guts. Sometimes they ...5
3D Engine: AtmosFearGames using the licensable AtmosFear engine (original or modified) by Action ...5
Ultimate Soccer Manager seriesImpressions Games series of football managing games. The series are known for ...5
Skweek seriesGame starring small furry creatures from Loriciel.5
Shaman King games5
Dexter's Laboratory licenseesGames based on the Cartoon Network animated series Dexter's Laboratory which ...5
Zeppelin International Sports seriesA line of sports games from the budget publisher Zeppelin Games, with no ...5
UFO seriesThe UFO series of tactical strategy games released by Cenega Publishing.5
Wallace & Gromit's Grand AdventuresBased on the characters created by Nick Park and Aardman Animations, "Wallace & ...5
Cal series5
Katamari series5
Super Granny series5
Dick Tracy licensees5
Betty Boop licensees5
Choplifter series5
Air Conflicts seriesA series of action-oriented flight games set during World War II.5
M&M's licensees5
Baroque universeGames set in the post-apocalyptic storyline of Sting's Baroque.5
Diplomacy gamesGames based on the Avalon Hill board game5
N.I.C.E. series5
Defender of the Crown seriesGames that are part of the Defender of the Crown series.5
Kurushi / Intelligent Qube series5
Viva Media Play Chess series5
Comprehend GamesGraphical text adventure games written (and re-written) using Polarware's ...5
Chrono seriesChrono games are (primarily) Japanese-style RPG that form a series connected by ...5
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