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Aion series3
Big Pharma series3
Super Sentai Series licenseesGames based on the Super Sentai Series originally produced by Toei Company, ...3
Kyd Cadet Series3
Brink series3
5 Spots series3
Kōenji Joshi Soccer series3
Iron Brigade series3
Sagara Kyōichirō seriesMystery adventure game series featuring detective Sagara Kyouichirou as the ...3
Unsolved Mysery Club seriesA series of adventure games from Freeze Tag about a club that attempts to solve ...3
The Manhole versions3
Groove Coaster series3
Impossible Creatures series3
Italian Football League licenseesVideo games based exclusively on Italian football.3
Mania / Exciting Hour series3
Escape Velocity seriesA series of open ended science-fiction titles in which players take the role of ...3
Glory Days series3
The Fifth Element licenseesGames based on the 1997 film The Fifth Element.3
Tempo series3
Grand Ages series3
Wizzy seriesGames starring Revival Studios character, Wizzy.3
WarGames gamesGames based on the 1983 film WarGames.3
Game Engine: Lassie Adventure StudioGames created using the freeware Lassie Adventure Studio engine, a ...3
Elminage series3
Raven's Cry series3
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