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The Political Machine seriesThe Political Machine is an on-going series of titles developed by Stardock ...4
Starwhal series4
Battle Mages series4
Jack the Nipper seriesGames starring a toddler from Gremlin Graphics.4
Solomon's Key legacyTecmo's series of platform puzzlers.4
Wasteland seriesGames that involve the Arizona Desert Rangers and are set in a post-apocalyptic ...4
Tank: M10 WolverineGames in which players can command the M10 Wolverine tank destroyer (and its ...4
Genre: Simulation - Nuclear power plantGames simulating the operation of a nuclear power plant.4
Interplay anthologies4
Electronic Arts' Amazing Software lineThis group collects games in Electronic Arts' Amazing Software line. In use in ...4
PGA Championship Golf series4
Tecmo's Deception seriesThis is a series of RPG's that involves trapping and killing innocent people.4
MediEvil series4
Setting: City - NiceGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Nice, France. The ...4
Scribblenauts series4
Bayonetta series4
3D Engine: 4A EngineGames using a version of the proprietary 4A Engine (original or modified) ...4
Rune series4
Hacker series4
Mokkoriman gamesAdult games by Illusion, starring the super-hero Mokkoriman, whose only ...4
Thexder series4
Game Boy Color DX series4
Monster Truck Madness series4
Star Fleet seriesThe Star Fleet games are a series of futuristic turn-based strategy games set ...4
Silkworm / SWIV seriesInterpretations of Tecmo's original land/air coin-op shooter Silkworm, these ...4
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