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Game Engine: ImpactGames using a version of the Impact game engine (original or modified) by ...2
Suiko Gaiden seriesSide-story in several volumes to the mainstream RPG series Suikoden2
Nova seriesA series of puzzle games by CP Verlag where the object is to guide one or more ...2
Vision series2
Baraduke series2
3D Engine: LeadGames using a version of the Lead engine (original or modified). It is a ...2
Brain Boosts series2
Bricks of Egypt series2
War Wind series2
DLC Quest series2
Deadly Premonition series2
Legendary Axe series2
Real Pool series2
Falcon Patrol seriesA series published and delevoped by Virgin Games, Ltd., in which players ...2
Joe Danger series2
Protector series2
BrainWave series2
Le Tour de France seriesLe Tour de France is Cyanide's spin-off series of the Cycling Manager series. ...2
Luigi's Mansion seriesA series which starrs Luigi, Mario's brother, as ghost hunter.2
Anna series2
Rotlicht Tycoon series2
Chavez series2
Palamedes seriesHot B's arcade puzzlers with dice.2
Alien Breed 3D seriesA series of first person shooters for the Amiga platform.2
Poy Poy series2
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