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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in ascending order# Games
Retro seriesCactus Games' action shooting games2
Black Onyx series2
Rules of Engagement seriesOmnitrend's strategic space war series2
Lovely Lisa series2
Nitro Nation series2
The Sword of Hope / Selection series2
Mirage series2
Adventure Chest seriesContains the Adventure Chest compilations by The Adventure Company.2
Freddy Hardest gamesGames featuring Dinamic's impulsive yet heroic character2
Herzog seriesTecnosoft's real-time strategy shooters.2
Knightmare licenseesGames based on a UK children's TV gameshow, in which a player was blindfolded ...2
Amnesia Fortnight series2
Legionnaire series2
Zavas seriesZavas (サバッシュ) is a series of role-playing games by Glodia, distinguished by ...2
Rengoku series2
A Valley without Wind series2
One Must Fall series2
CRW series2
Insane Speedway seriesA series of speedway management games. 2
3D Engine: OctaneGames using a version of the Octane engine (original or modified) by Avalanche ...2
Echelon series2
Bulldozer series2
Signature Edition releasesThis group is for the Signature Edition releases by Merge Games, which are ...2
Rubicon series2
Galidor licenseesGames based on the characters and/or stories of the TV show Galidor: Defenders ...2
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