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Crush Roller / Make Trax games2
Lennus/Paladin's Quest series2
A Cat's Night series2
Rise of Venice series2
Houtei Raoyui seriesA series of strip mahjong games by Queen Soft.2
Last Armageddon seriesA series of post-apocalyptic Japanese-style RPGs, notable for featuring demonic ...2
Mondo seriesA series of games produced by Cactus Software. They are 3D games, played from a ...2
Evocation seriesA point-and-click adventure series.2
X-Out legacyRainbow Arts' post-R-Type shmup series.2
World Racing seriesRacing games developed by Synetic.2
Smuggler's Run series2
Final Zone series2
Santa Claus in Trouble seriesChristmas/Santa themed action games originally developed by Joymania ...2
Virgin Excalibur series2
Star Raiders seriesAtari's pair of sci-fi first-person shooters pitting the player pilot against ...2
Protoganda series2
Jones in the Fast Lane versions2
Globetrotter series2
Legends of War series2
Fighter Duel series2
Dennō Tenshi series2
Mr. Men and Little Miss seriesA series of games based on the childrens' book characters of Roger Hargreaves.2
Cursor*10 series2
Chaos League series2
Inspector Parker gamesGames featuring the Chief Inspector Parker from Oberon Games.2
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