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Alien Breed 3D seriesA series of first person shooters for the Amiga platform.2
Michael Schumacher licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Michael Schumacher.2
The Fool seriesCliff Johnson's series of puzzle games. These games feature references to tarot ...2
Sonic Rivals series2
Felix the Cat licenseesGames starring the cartoon character Felix the Cat.Related links Wikipedia: ...2
Rub series2
Fuzion Frenzy series2
Blind Logic's Hexxagon seriesA series of Ataxx clones created by Blind Logic kft2
RetroSouls' Alter Ego seriesA series of puzzle/platform games where you control a character that has a ...2
Detective Agency seriesDetective Agency hidden-object games.2
Koumajou Densetsu series2
Shock Troopers series2
LineWars series2
Dokodemo Hamster series2
Rooster series2
Game-Hits series2
Magnetica games2
Jumble licenseesThis group includes all licensed adaptations of Jumble, a word puzzle game ...2
P. J. Pride: Pet Detective series2
Nightcaster series2
Maces and Magic seriesA trilogy of whimsical fantasy text adventure games for 8-bit computers ...2
Game Over seriesA pair of action games from Dinamic2
Gems Swap seriesThis group includes all the games in the Gems Swap series. The main gameplay ...2
VIP Classic Airliners series2
Knack series2
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