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Genre: Simulation - Traffic networkGames focusing on the creation or usage of traffic networks, most frequently ...79
Covermount: Level (Romania)Games featured as covermounts for Level, a Romanian magazine.78
Genre: Explorable platformer / MetroidvaniaThis group includes platform games that allow the player to move between ...78
SEGA Sports gamesGames under the SEGA Sports brand by SEGA.78
Civilization seriesAll games based off, and including, Sid Meier's original turn-based strategy ...78
Hanna-Barbera LicenseesHanna-Barbera was a animation company started in 1957 by former MGM animation ...77
MX seriesRacing games of the Rainbow Studios' MX brand.77
Historical conflict: American Civil WarGames that are based upon the civil war between the United States of America ...77
Automobile: Toyota SupraGames in which you can drive the Toyota Supra and all its variants.Limitations ...77
LEGO BIONICLE licenseesThis group contains games that deal with the BIONICLE storyline. The original ...76
Final Fantasy seriesThis group includes the main (numbered) Final Fantasy games. One of the most ...75
Romance of the Three Kingdoms seriesA strategy series developed and published by KOEI that is based on the Romance ...75
Setting: City - TokyoGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Tokyo, Japan. The ...75
3D Engine: UnrealEngine2Games using a version of the second generation Unreal engine (original or ...75
Setting: Medieval EuropeMiddle Ages (or pejoratively: Dark Ages) was a period of European history ...75
Setting: City - San FranciscoGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of San Francisco, ...75
Super Smash Brothers seriesRelated links Wikipedia: Super Smash Brothers series75
Protagonist: BlobThe last resort for developers who can't come up with appealing characters such ...74
Pinball FX / Zen Pinball seriesPinball FX or Zen Pinball is a pinball simulation series developed by ZEN ...74
Aircraft: F-16 Fighting FalconGames featuring the General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon in a ...74
Dynasty Warriors seriesKnown as Shin Sangoku Musō in Japan, the Dynasty Warriors games are set during ...74
Dragon Ball licenseesBased on the famous manga Dragon Ball, which in its turn is loosely based on ...74
Automobile: Mazda MX-5Games in which you can drive the Mazda MX-5 / Miata / Roadster and all its ...74
Pixar licenseesGames based on Pixar movies or other properties related to the movies.74
SingStar seriesA series of karaoke games for the PlayStation consoles.Trivia In April 2008 ...73
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