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Protagonist: BlobThe last resort for developers who can't come up with appealing characters such ...73
Pac-Man games (licensed)Games which use the officially-licensed Pac-Man characters. Includes not only ...73
Setting: Medieval EuropeMiddle Ages (or pejoratively: Dark Ages) was a period of European history ...72
LittleBigPlanet series72
Game Feature: BGM/Music PlayerGames featuring a music player that lets players listen to the in-game ...72
Gameplay feature: Survival cookingGames which features cooking raw or prepared ingredients using any method ...72
Genre: Board game - Checkers / Draughts Games that feature the gameplay of the 8x8 board game in which players move ...72
Genre: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Not necessarily licensees of the children's book series by the same name ...72
Genre: Explorable platformer / MetroidvaniaThis group includes platform games that allow the player to move between ...72
Z-CodeThis game group contains games written in the platform-independent Z-Code ...72
Genre: Simulation - Train drivingSimulators where the player gets to drive trains that are realistically ...72
Genre: Simulation - PoliticalThis group includes games that simulate political activities, both domestic and ...71
Pixar licenseesGames based on Pixar movies or other properties related to the movies.71
Historical conflict: Vietnam War Games that are based upon the "Vietnam War" civil war, from 1959 to 1975. Games ...71
Hangman gamesGames based on the classic Hangman game. A player has to guess the letters that ...71
WWE / WWF wrestling gamesGames licensed by World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the World Wrestling ...70
Formula 1 licenseesFormula 1 racing games that have an official license from the organizers of the ...70
Fictional character: Count DraculaCount Dracula is the title character and the main antagonist of Bram Stoker's ...69
Gameplay feature: Time ManipulationGames where the player is able to bend the rules of time as a key element of ...69
Reality-on-the-NormReality-On-The-Norm is a long-running series of games (most of them made in ...69
Aircraft: F/A-18 HornetGames featuring the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet in a prominent ...69
Setting: City - Los AngelesGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Los Angeles, United ...69
Genre: Simulation - Space trading and combatThis group includes predominantly free-form, exploration-based games that ...69
Need for Speed seriesElectronic Arts' long-running series of racing games.In October 2009 Electronic ...68
Game Engine: PlaygroundPlayground is a development framework developed by PlayFirst, Inc.68
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