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Historical conflict: Korean WarGames that are based upon the "Korean War" civil war, from 1950 to 1953. Games ...18
Historical Conflict: Hundred Years WarThis group includes all the games that take place in France and the Low ...11
Historical conflict: Great Roman Civil WarThis group includes all the games that have the player fight in the Great Roman ...2
Historical conflict: Cold WarIncludes games that are based on the enmity between NATO and the Warsaw Pact ...44
Historical conflict: Arab-Israeli conflictHostilities between Jewish and Arab inhabitants of the Middle Eastern ...19
Historical conflict: American Revolutionary WarGames in this group take place (or feature certain missions that take place) ...25
Historical conflict: American Civil WarGames that are based upon the civil war between the United States of America ...62
Hiōden series Wolf Team's series of real-time strategy/RPG hybrids.2
Hinterland series2
Highway Encounter seriesA pair of isometric-view exploration and control games from Vortex3
High School Musical licensees6
Highlander licenseesGames based on the Highlander franchise of films and television series.2
High Heat Baseball series5
High Energy seriesA small series of compilations from Infogrames.2
Highborn series 2
Hide & Secret series4
Hidden Stroke series2
Hidden Mysteries series9
Hidden Expedition seriesA series of hidden object games created by Big Fish Games.7
Hidden & Dangerous series7
Hexxagon series3
Hextris variantsGames based on the basic game mechanics of Tetris, but with the falling blocks ...5
Hexic seriesA series of puzzle games by Tetris mastermind Alexey Pajitnov.2
Hexcells series3
Hewson's Premier Collections series3
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