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Heavy Barrel seriesArcade shoot 'em ups from Data East3
Foxy Jumper series3
Racing Simulation series3
3D Engine: Voxel Space2Games using the second major version of Novalogic's Voxel Space 3D engine.3
Futurama licensees3
Mayhem series3
Renaissance Heroes series3
Vampire: The Masquerade licenseesThis group includes games based on the setting and rules of the pen-and-paper ...3
Fisherman's Bait / Exciting Bass seriesA series of first-person fishing simulations, adapted from the arcade game.3
Gekirin seriesA series of dungeon-crawling action role-playing games by Nihon Application.3
3D Engine: X3DGames using a version of the X3D (original or modified) by 4X Technologies ...3
Yet Another Zombie Defense series3
Jet Pack Hero seriesThree coin-op shooters from Capcom in which the main characters fly a jet pack3
The Whispered World series3
ÜberSoldier series3
Bangai-O seriesA series of eight-way scrolling platform shooters created by Treasure. Features ...3
Pokémon Trozei seriesGenius Sonority's series of tile-matching Pok√©mon puzzle games.3
Military Aircraft/Collection series3
Cybernetic Hi-School / Dennōgakuen seriesGainax's series of strip quiz games.3
Kasparov licenseesChess games seeking legitimacy through the licensing of the name and likeness ...3
Nightmare Creatures series3
Planet of the Apes licensees3
IF seriesA series of adult visual novels with multiple scenarios.3
Air Warrior seriesA series of flight simulator games developed by Kesmai Corporation.3
Aura seriesA series of first-person adventure games with emphasis on atmosphere and logic ...3
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