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Mission: Impossible gamesGames licensed around either the Mission: Impossible American television series ...8
Missing series4
Missile Command variantsGames featuring gameplay similar to that of Missile Command, in which players ...58
Mirror's Edge seriesA sequel to the original game was confirmed in the Summer of 2010, but in ...6
Mirai Nikki seriesGames based on the "Mirai Nikki" (未来日記) manga which also spanned anime TV ...2
Mirage series2
Mini Ninjas series7
Mini Motor Racing series2
Minesweeper variantsGames inspired by the logic puzzle game Minesweeper. Gameplay typically ...69
Miner Willy seriesPlatform games starring Miner Willy. Mega-tree Mega-tree was the third in the ...8
Miner Wars series2
Miner 2049er seriesBill Hogue and Big Five Software's mine-exploration platform games featuring ...3
Minecraft: Story Mode series22
Minecraft series114
Mind Quiz series2
Milon seriesA series of games, originally from Hudson Soft starring the character "Milon"2
Millennium seriesMillennium is an episodic series of RPG starring Marine, her cousin Benoit and ...5
Millennium series3
Mille Miglia gamesGames based on the Mille Miglia open-road endurance race.Related links ...3
Military training simulationsGames used by military organizations to train their troops, officers, etc.10
Military Helicopters seriesThis group is for a series of helicopter add-ons by Abacus for Microsoft Flight ...4
Military Aircraft/Collection series3
Milestone Shooting Collection series2
Milestone MotoGP series8
Miku Flick series2
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