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Grisaia series10
Groove Coaster series3
Groovin' Blocks series2
Grotesque Tactics seriesThe Grotesque Tactics-games are strategy-RPG-games with an ironic storyline. ...5
Ground Control seriesFollowing the merger of Activision and Vivendi into Activision Blizzard in ...7
Growlanser series9
Grow series2
GTI Club series2
GT Interactive CD-ROM 2 Pack series3
GTR FIA Racing series4
Guacamelee! seriesA series of Metroidvania platformers5
Guardian Heroes series2
Guardian seriesSeries of Defender clones from programmer Steve Evans.2
Guardians of Graxia series3
Guardian's Sword / Shouhuzhe zhi Jian series Guardian's Sword (Traditional Chinese: 守護者之劍, Shouhuzhe zhi Jian) is a series ...3
Guardic legacyCompile's strategy shooters for the MSX and NES.2
Gubble series3
Guided Fate Paradox series3
Guild Wars seriesThe Guild Wars world is split into the continents of Tyria, Cantha and Elona - ...24
Guilty Gear seriesGuilty Gear is a series of 2D fighting games developed by Arc System Works ...61
Guilty Gear Xrd: -Sign- series41
Guilty Summer Kiss series2
Guitar Freaks series3
Guitar Hero seriesGuitar Hero is a series of music/rhythm games where players use a guitar-shaped ...21
Gulliver Boy licenseesGames based on the anime series Gulliver Boy ( 空想科学世界ガリバーボーイ, Kūsō Kagaku Sekai ...2
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