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Gooka gamesGames based on the series of fantasy novels by Czechoslovak writer Vlado Ríša ...2
Steel Battalion seriesThe Steel Battalion series is a series of mech combat simulation games most ...2
3030 Deathwar series2
Cosmic Soldier series2
Communist Mutants From Space versionsDifferent implementations of the Cold War-themed top-down space shooter.2
EcoQuest seriesEcoQuest is a series of adventure games by Sierra, their common protagonist ...2
Captain Gysi series2
Mutant Space Bats series2
Nox series2
Gateway seriesGames based off of Frederik Pohl's Gateway series of novels.2
GapKids GamesGapKids games that have been given away at GapKids stores at various times.2
WinBack seriesA pair of unrelated action games produced by KOEI, each focusing on a ...2
Legend of Xanadu seriesLegend of Xanadu is a two-game spin-off series of Xanadu games (and ...2
No Time To Explain series2
Nintendo's Robot seriesNorth American Nintendo Entertainment System titles with the words "Robot ...2
Sexy Beach series2
4th & Inches series2
Nana Eiyū Monogatari series A series of tactical RPGs with adult content by Himeya Soft.2
Chaos Control seriesA series of rail shooters featuring the war between the Orbital Defense Force ...2
Fairy Gods gamesThe official name of a hentai anime series of "digital novels" based on ...2
IndyCar Racing series2
Shank series2
Pure series2
Mercury series2
Princess Tomato versionsThis tracks both strains of Hudson Soft's adventure game Salad no Kuni no ...2
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