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Blinx series2
Frenzy Island2
Solar Winds series2
Scene It? series2
Die Fugger series2
Cyberdogs series2
Beat the House series2
After...: Wasureenu Kizuna gamesGroup containing After...: Wasureenu Kizuna game and its different releases.2
3D Engine: OdysseyGames using the Odyssey engine (original or modified) by BioWare Corporation. ...2
Robo Pit series2
Zoo Keeper series2
Metajo seriesA series of tactical role-playing games by R-Force.2
Cosmic Osmo series2
Commodore International Sports seriesA line of sporting simulations for the C64, marketed by Commodore themselves2
Power Strike seriesTitle for the US and EUR localizations of Aleste and Aleste 2, respectively2
School Days series2
Konami Collector's seriesThis group contains Konami's classic game compilations.2
NFK seriesSeries of shareware 3D hunting shooters.2
Detective Suzusaki seriesA series of Japanese-style detective/mystery adult adventures with horror ...2
Wings of Honour seriesSeries of World War I arcade flight simulators.2
Tryst series2
Deadly Dozen seriesGroup of 1st/3rd-Person strategy-shooters set in WWII. The title refers to the ...2
INV seriesA series of Space Invaders clones for the Atari 2600.2
Bikkuriman licenseesGames based on the characters appearing on the original Bikkuriman collectible ...2
Wetrix series2
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