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Essential Selection seriesA series of themed compilations from Electronic Arts and MicroProse.2
Azkend series2
Airlines seriesA series of economical simulations originally developed by InterActive Vision ...2
Magic & Mayhem series2
Small Favor seriesSeries of games created by Jay Ziebart about a nameless assassin.2
Micro Man games2
A Cat's Night series2
Pikubi series2
B.A.T. series2
Last Armageddon seriesA series of post-apocalyptic Japanese-style RPGs, notable for featuring demonic ...2
Baten Kaitos series2
Evocation seriesA point-and-click adventure series.2
Ball Revamped series2
4x4 Evo seriesRacing games focusing on pick-up trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles.2
Smuggler's Run series2
Chivalry series2
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! series2
Reach for the Stars series2
What Makes You Tick series2
Phantom Brave series2
PipeFun series2
Midwinter seriesMike Singleton and Maelstrom Games developed the first Midwinter game, a ...2
Hotline Miami series2
Fighter Duel series2
Der verborgene Kontinent series2
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