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Poy Poy series2
Michael Schumacher licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Michael Schumacher.2
Landwirtschafts Gigant / Farming Giant seriesA series of managerial games in which the player takes control over a farm.2
3D Engine: OctaneGames using a version of the Octane engine (original or modified) by Avalanche ...2
Fabled Lands gamebook adaptationsGames adapted from, based on or inspired by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson's ...2
Big Mutha Truckers series2
Bug Bash seriesA pair of action games from Mutation2
Space Hunter seriesMiciosegone series of adventure games that take place in Trashopolis.2
Dokodemo Hamster series2
Lethal League series2
Kileak the Blood seriesSeries of mech-based first-person shooters from Japanese developer Genki.2
Sentimental Graffiti series2
LineWars series2
Prime Goal seriesA series of soccer games produced by Namco.2
Game-Hits series2
Magnetica games2
Shock Troopers series2
Grandad series2
Development Tools: PopCap Games Framework gamesThese games were developed using the PopCap Games Framework development kit for ...2
Fruit Lockers seriesFruit Lockers are tile-matching strategy games developed by e-FunSoft Games2
Michael Owen licenseesSoccer games licensed/endorsed by Michael Owen.2
The Expendables licensees2
Superstars V8 seriesA series of racing games developed by Milestone s.r.l.2
Dark Void series2
Milestone Shooting Collection series2
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