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Nana Eiyū Monogatari series A series of tactical RPGs with adult content by Himeya Soft.2
Magical Story series2
Live for Speed Series2
Team 17 Arcade Sports seriesA line of games which took the serious sides out of some serious sports2
Disaster Report / Zettai Zetsumei Toshi series2
Maryū Gakuen series2
Roguelike conversionsConversions of popular commercial games or films into ASCII dungeon dwellers, ...2
Big Brother seriesGames based on the TV reality show Big Brother.2
Eversion series2
Great American Golf series2
Monkey Money seriesA series of pokies featuring a jungle theme and a monkey host.2
Pictureka games2
Trade Wars gamesMultiplayer online space trading games, emerging from the BBS Door game milieu, ...2
Sparkle series2
Towers series2
Noitu Love seriesA series of fast-paced platformers developed by Joakim Sandberg. The first game ...2
LiberoGrande seriesA series of soccer games produced by Namco.2
Neocron series2
EcoQuest seriesEcoQuest is a series of adventure games by Sierra, their common protagonist ...2
Condemned seriesMonolith's series of horror shooter games, in which the player assumes the role ...2
Deep Sea Tycoon series2
Fate series2
Vectorman seriesThese games are based on the "orbot" pilot character Vectorman. There were ...2
Dragonheart licenseesGames inspired by the adventure film franchise Dragonheart.2
Otogi series2
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