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Disaster Report / Zettai Zetsumei Toshi series2
Miss Mind series2
Revell's Racer seriesA series of racing games featuring Revell's car model kits.2
Widget licenseesGames based on a purple alien cartoon character named Widget who can change ...2
Rings of the Magi series2
Snatcher gamesVersions and spin-offs of Hideo Kojima's Snatcher.2
Airlines seriesA series of economical simulations originally developed by InterActive Vision ...2
Keio Flying Squadron series2
Legend of the Red Dragon seriesA pair of textmode BBS door games by Seth Able Robinson, similar in their ...2
Closure series2
Foxy seriesAdult turn-based strategy series by Elf.2
Agent X legacyThe entries in this series are split up into several mini games, e.g. fighting ...2
Space Taxi series2
Uzumaki licenseesGames based on Junji Ito's manga Uzumaki2
Cyber Knight series2
Gnome Ranger seriesInteractive fiction titles starring Ingrid the gnome.2
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse series2
Driller seriesA pair of science fiction 3D romps by Incentive on their Freescape graphical ...2
Brain Quest series2
Blade & Sword seriesBlade & Sword (刀剑封魔录, Dao Jian Feng Mo Lu) is a series of action role-playing ...2
Mahjong Clinic series2
Mega Man / Rockman ZX seriesTaking place many years after the Mega Man Zero series, select few humans have ...2
Manhunt series2
Andre Agassi licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Andre Agassi.2
Blue Max seriesSynapse's World War 1 titles based on the adventures of a fictional British ...2
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