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Horny Sweeper seriesA series of turn-based strategy games with sex scenes in a sci-fi setting, ...2
Planet Alcatraz / Sanitary Podzemeliy seriesAlso unofficially known as Dungeon Cleaners, this is a series of Russian-made ...2
Sydney series2
Mata Nui Online Game series2
Thrust series2
Roland seriesA series of eight games of varying genres featuring Amsoft's mascot character ...2
PipeFun series2
Gyromancer series2
Dominions series2
Boom Blox series2
Blade & Sword seriesBlade & Sword (刀剑封魔录, Dao Jian Feng Mo Lu) is a series of action role-playing ...2
ranTrainer seriesSoccer simulation games originally published by Greenwood Entertainment ...2
Reach for the Stars series2
Kōenji Joshi Soccer series2
Mahjong Clinic series2
Burger Restaurant seriesSpil Games B.V.'s Burger Restaurant browser games, in which the player controls ...2
Mega Man / Rockman ZX seriesTaking place many years after the Mega Man Zero series, select few humans have ...2
Bas de Beer series2
Baten Kaitos series2
Small Favor seriesSeries of games created by Jay Ziebart about a nameless assassin.2
3D Engine: ICGames using a version of the IC engine by Calaris Studios.2
Magic & Mayhem series2
Dark Heritage series2
Hiōden series Wolf Team's series of real-time strategy/RPG hybrids.2
Cadaver series2
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