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Knightmare licenseesGames based on a UK children's TV gameshow, in which a player was blindfolded ...2
Knightmare gamesA series of top-down shooters from Konami. Not to be confused with games based ...3
Knight Games series2
Knight Books Way of the Tiger seriesGremlin titles with this license3
Knack series2
Kloonigames' monthly experimental done-in-under-a-week gamesA series of experimental games developed by Petri Purho, as a challenge to ...22
Klonoa series7
Klomanager / Toilet Tycoon seriesA series of public toilet management games from Germany.4
Klix! series2
KKND series3
Kiwame seriesA series of shōgi games by LOG.2
Kiss (キス) seriesVisual novel series by Giga which contain word "Kiss" as the constant in the ...3
Kiss licenseesGames that are related or official licensees of the American rock band Kiss.4
Kisō Louga seriesA series of turn-based strategy games by Kogado.2
Kishin Dōji Zenki games Games based on the manga Kishin Dōji Zenki (鬼神童子Zenki, "Demon Child Zenki") by ...3
Kirby gamesKirby is a series of games in various genres (chiefly platformers) created by ...28
Kinnikuman licensees12
King's Valley series2
King's Quest VGA gamesFan remakes of Sierra Entertainment's early text parser AGI King's Quest games ...4
King's Quest seriesA series of graphical fantasy adventure games featuring the escapades of King ...32
King's Field seriesKing's Field is a series of first-person action role-playing games by ...6
King's Bounty gamesThe King's Bounty games are fantasy-strategy games with RPG elements similar to ...15
King of the Monsters seriesGames in the series of wrestling / action games created by SNK for their NeoGeo ...3
King of Fighters seriesSNK's 2D fighting universe.39
Kingdom Under Fire series5
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