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htoL#NiQ series3
Game no Kanzume seriesMega CD compilations that included a wide range of titles that were originally ...3
Jim Power series3
Battle Raper seriesOne of Illusion's experiments of combining 3D animated sex simulation segments ...3
123 Slaughter Me Street series3
Zeppelin's Frankenstein seriesPlatform games published by Zeppelin Games (later named Merit Studios) where ...3
TIGSource Adult / Edutainment competitionThe TIGSource website challenged indie developers to create games that focus on ...3
Kikstart series3
Ski Racing series3
Show do Milhão licenseesGames based on Show do Milhão, a Brazilian TV game show hosted by Silvio ...3
Heathcliff licensees3
Chuck Rock series3
Fuuraiki (風雨来記) series3
Evil Maze series3
3D Engine: XedGames using a version of the proprietary 3D Xed engine (original or modified), ...3
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron seriesParent Group Star Wars Licensees 3
Fighting Force series3
Cream Lemon / Lemon Angel licenseesGames based on the adult anime Cream Lemon or its non-hentai spin-off Lemon ...3
Octodad seriesA series of action games about an octopus who tries to stay undetected in the ...3
Miner 2049er seriesBill Hogue and Big Five Software's mine-exploration platform games featuring ...3
Remington licenseesShooting games based on the Remington gun manufacturer license.3
Xotic series4
Gold Miner series4
Viscera Cleanup Detail seriesGames that are part of the Viscera Cleanup Detail family.4
The Junior Science series4
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