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Earl Bobby series3
McGee series3
Mario Andretti licenseesGames licensed after the Italian-born racer Mario Andretti.3
Epic Word Search series3
Game Studio Tycoon seriesA series of business simulation games where you run a game-creation studio.3
MicroIllusion's One To One seriesMicroIllusion's One To One series was a trio of games whose common feature was ...3
Peter Killworth's Doom trilogy3
Pepper Pack compilationsFeaturing Novatis' Green Pepper Pepper Pack compilations.3
Wings of Death series3
Switchblade seriesHiro's side-view action fight against Havok3
The Incredible Crash Dummies licensees3
Cladun series3
Disney's Darkwing Duck licenseesGames starring the superhero Darkwing Duck. The Darkwing Duck franchise was a ...3
Tank: JagdpantherGames in which players can command the Jagdpanther tank destroyer (and its ...3
Winzer seriesA series of managerial simulations about the cultivation of wine.3
3D Engine: VampireGames using the Vampire engine (original or modified) by Raven Software.3
Cryo's Versailles series3
Big Nose seriesGames starring Bignose, a caveman who has a large proboscis.3
Zatwor/Randy Crow seriesA series of stealth games in which you, Randy Crow, break into, or out of, high ...3
Sentimental Graffiti series3
Hollywood Monsters series3
Mutant League series3
Jim Power series3
Rockett seriesA series of visual novels for girls aged 8-14 developed by Purple Moon ...3
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