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3D Engine: CryEngine 5Games using the fifth generation of the CryEngine (original or modified) by ...4
Skyshine's BEDLAM series4
Tank: FerdinandGames in which players can command the Ferdinand (AKA Elefant AKA Panzerjäger ...4
Genre: Sports - Figure skating4
The Game of Life licensees4
Super League series16-bit baseball franchise produced by Sega. All but the first title feature a ...4
The Settlers: Rise of an Empire seriesThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire base game with official add-ons and ...4
NES Remix series4
Ghost in the Shell universeGames taking place in the Ghost in the Shell Universe based on the Japanese ...4
Silverfall series4
Dungeon Hunter series4
Gravity Angels series4
Monster Truck Madness series4
ICO seriesThis group consists of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and related releases ...4
Dweep series4
Star Fleet seriesThe Star Fleet games are a series of futuristic turn-based strategy games set ...4
Arcana Heart series4
BoxBoy! series4
"You Have To" gamesFollowing in the footsteps of Mazapá's 2008 game You Have to Burn the Rope, ...4
Mighty No. 9 series4
Spikeout seriesSpikeout is a 3D beat-'em-up Sega franchise with its origins in the arcade4
Disc Saga gamesIncludes separate episodes of Compile's RPG Disc Saga, as well as their other ...4
4 Game Pack series4
Grotesque Tactics seriesThe Grotesque Tactics-games are strategy-RPG-games with an ironic storyline. ...4
Gameloft's Brain Challenge games4
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