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Grotesque Tactics seriesThe Grotesque Tactics-games are strategy-RPG-games with an ironic storyline. ...4
Koudelka / Shadow Hearts universeIncludes Koudelka and Shadow Hearts series, role-playing games set in ...4
King's Quest VGA gamesFan remakes of Sierra Entertainment's early text parser AGI King's Quest games ...4
Lupin the 3rd licenseesGames based on the manga Lupin the 3rd by Kazuhiko Katō (pen name Monkey Punch).4
Instant Indie Collection series4
Beyond: Two Souls series4
LEGO The Hobbit series4
Spectre series4
Corum seriesCorum (코룸) is a series of role-playing games by the Korean developer Hicom. The ...4
Mia's Big Adventure Collection seriesA series of games featuring the fictional heroine Mia the Mouse, created by ...4
Nakksigwang seriesNakksigwang (낚시광) is a series of fishing games by the Korean developer Taff ...4
Middleware: BishamonGames developed using the Bishamon middleware, an effect and animation creation ...4
Blackguards seriesThe Blackguards games are tactical combat games with a high focus on ...4
Brunswick licensees4
Funky Lab Rat series4
Genre: Simulation - Nuclear power plantGames simulating the operation of a nuclear power plant.4
Deep Dungeon seriesA series of first-person perspective RPGs that utilize turn based battle ...4
IF Comp 2010 entrantsGames created for, and initially released as part of, the 16th annual ...4
Sexy Six seriesAn erotic Mastermind variant and its add-ons. 4
Joe Snow series4
Queen of Duellist seriesA series of erotic versus fighting games by Agumix.4
Flappy seriesA series of arcade puzzlers developed by dB-Soft.4
Game Engine: M.A.D.S.Microprose Adventure Development System4
Famicom Fax Disk gamesThe Famicom Disk Fax was a short-lived line-up of FDS games that were printed ...4
X-Men: Legends series4
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