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Tsukihime / Melty Blood gamesA series of games initially developed by Type-Moon, united by common themes and ...6
Dream Day seriesA series of hidden object games, following a couple getting married and ...6
Master of Orion seriesSimtex / Quicksilver sci-fi 4X game series dealing with the spread and security ...6
Aircraft: Northrop F-5Games featuring the Northrop F-5 supersonic jet fighter in a prominent role. ...6
Easter egg gamesGames concealed in software contexts in which games are not expected, typically ...6
DOR series6
Treasure Seekers seriesA series of hidden object adventure games starring the characters of Nelly and ...6
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth seriesGroup of RTS games based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the trilogy of ...6
Grandia seriesGrandia (グランディア) is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games developed by ...6
F1 seriesA series of Formula 1 racing games by Codemasters.6
Dr. Seuss licensees6
Happy and Indigo series6
Jackie Chan licensees6
Kakuro gamesTranslations of the logic game Kakuro. It is similar to a crossword puzzle but ...6
Actua Soccer seriesThe Actua Soccer series consists of soccer simulations originally developed by ...6
Predator seriesGames licensed around the Predator films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and/or ...6
Codename: Panzers seriesA series of real-time strategy games set during WWII developed by ...6
Gobliiins seriesA series of strategic point-and-click adventure games, involving manipulating a ...6
Magicka series6
Metaltech / Earthsiege seriesMetaltech/EarthSiege is a series of mech simulation games, the foundation of a ...6
Law & Order series6
MotorStorm series6
Capcom Generation seriesCapcom's series of classic compilations for PlayStation and Saturn.6
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller series6
Women's Murder Club seriesThe Women's Murder Club games are hidden object games in which female ...6
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