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Lionel licensees4
Links seriesAll games and add-ons in the Access Software (now Microsoft) Links golf series.48
LineWars series2
Line Rider series2
Lineage series5
Lilo & Stitch gamesThis group consists of games that are part of the Lilo & Stitch franchise, ...5
Lights Out variantsPuzzle games based on the "Lights Out" concept. The player is faced with a ...22
Lightning Warrior Raidy series4
Liga Polska Manager seriesThe longest lasting (1995-2005) Polish league football (soccer) management ...8
Lifeline series6
Life is Strange series13
Life & Death seriesThe Software Toolworks' pair of medical simulations, putting the player in the ...2
Licensed Title: Sports clubs / teamsGames that are licensed or endorsed by specific sports clubs or teams ...28
Licensed Title: AthletesGames that are licensed or endorsed by specific athletes (or coaches, managers ...544
LiberoGrande seriesA series of soccer games produced by Namco.2
Leyendas de Lhodrye series2
Lew Leon seriesGames featuring Leon the Lion as protagonist. 2
Level 9 Middle Earth seriesA trilogy of interactive fiction games with a vague Lord of the Rings ...4
Level-5's Guild seriesA series of games for the Nintendo 3DS eShop published by Level 5 that involved ...8
Letters from Nowhere series3
Letter Quest series2
Let's Talk About Me series2
Let's Ride seriesSeries of horse themed games developed by Radon Labs where the player is ...7
Let's Play series3
Let's Golf! series4
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