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Luigi's Mansion seriesA series which starrs Luigi, Mario's brother, as ghost hunter.3
Lufia / Estopolis seriesA series of Japanese-style role-playing games developed by Neverland, ...5
Lucky Luke licensees14
Lucius seriesA series of games where you play as the son of the devil and use psychic powers ...3
Lucasfilm WWII Air Combat trilogyAll games that are part of the Lucasfilm/Lawrence Holland WWII air combat ...4
LucasArts Desktop Adventures seriesGeneric (random) adventure games based on famous Lucas movies.2
LucasArts Archive setsShovelware compilations of '90s LucasArts PC games, bundled with demos of their ...4
Lozenge and Hampshire seriesA series of browser games featuring a comical duo parodying Arthur Conan ...3
Love Songs series3
Lovely Planet series2
Lovely Lisa series2
Love Live! School Idol Paradise series6
LoveKami series2
Love Hina gamesGames based on the popular Japanese manga written and illustrated by Ken ...5
Love Game's WaiWai Tennis seriesWaiWai Tennis game series (in Europe, second game was released under YehYeh ...2
Love Death / Realtime Lovers seriesA series of adult games by Teatime, united by an overarching plot (though ...5
LoveChess seriesInterstudio's suite of chess simulations themed around erotic exchanges in ...2
Lotus Challenge seriesGremlin's series of third-person perspective sprite-based racing games ...5
LostWinds series2
Lost Viking seriesBlizzard Entertainment Inc. series of puzzle platformers starring the three ...2
Lost Realm series3
Lost Planet seriesCapcom's series of third-person-shooters taking place on the planet E.D.N. III. ...8
Lost Phone series3
Lost licenseesGames based on the TV series Lost.2
Lost Kingdoms series2
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