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Gundemonium series3
Gundam licenseesThis group includes all licensed games based on the Japanese anime meta-series ...41
Gunbuster licenseesGames based on the anime OVA series Gunbuster by Gainax. The anime tells the ...3
Gunbird / Mobile Light Force series3
Gumboy series3
Gulliver Boy licenseesGames based on the anime series Gulliver Boy ( 空想科学世界ガリバーボーイ, Kūsō Kagaku Sekai ...2
Guitar Hero seriesGuitar Hero is a series of music/rhythm games where players use a guitar-shaped ...19
Guilty Gear seriesGuilty Gear is a series 2D fighting games developed by Arc System Works, known ...15
Guild Wars seriesThe Guild Wars world is split into the continents of Tyria, Cantha and Elona - ...22
Gubble series3
Guardic legacyCompile's strategy shooters for the MSX and NES.2
Guardian's Sword / Shouhuzhe zhi Jian series Guardian's Sword (Traditional Chinese: 守護者之劍, Shouhuzhe zhi Jian) is a series ...3
Guardian seriesSeries of Defender clones from programmer Steve Evans.2
Guardian Heroes series2
Guacamelee! seriesA series of Metroidvania platformers4
GTR FIA Racing series4
GT Interactive CD-ROM 2 Pack series3
Growlanser series7
Ground Control seriesFollowing the merger of Activision and Vivendi into Activision Blizzard in ...6
Grotesque Tactics seriesThe Grotesque Tactics-games are strategy-RPG-games with an ironic storyline. ...4
Groove Coaster series1
Grim Legends series4
GRID series9
Gridrunner series4
Grey Goo series2
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