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Impire series4
Titus the Fox versionsThe game "Titus the Fox" was released in more than one version.4
Jaws licenseesGames based on the Jaws movie series released by Universal Studios featuring a ...4
Kiss licenseesGames that are related or official licensees of the American rock band Kiss.4
3D Engine: CougarGames using a version of the Cougar engine (original or modified), by House of ...4
Midtown Madness series4
DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death) seriesA series of turn-based puzzle games featuring hero Beethro Budkin who kills ...4
The Famous Five licenseesGames based or inspired by characters created by author Enid Blyton in his ...4
Miss Teri series4
Rocky and Bullwinkle licenseesGames based on the classic TV cartoon starring Rocky the Flying Squirrel and ...4
Gungriffon seriesMech simulation series from Game Arts.4
Knights of Pen and Paper series4
3D Engine: MaxFXGames using the MaxFX engine (original or modified) by Remedy Entertainment Ltd.4
Deadliest Warrior licensees4
Captain Planet licenseesGames based around the ecologically-friendly left-wing cartoon teaching ...4
Star Control seriesToys for Bob and Accolade's epic strategic and tactical SF series, exploring ...4
Velocity series4
Royal Quest series4
Microsoft Plus! editions that included gamesMicrosoft Plus! releases were add-on packs for various Windows operating ...4
Aircraft: Nakajima B5NGames featuring the Nakajima B5N in a prominent role. This group includes all ...4
PokéMileage Club gamesGames available through the Pokémon Global Link website, and played with Poké ...4
Dungeon Hunter series4
InfoComics gamesA venture by Infocom in the late 1980s, InfoComics were like electronic comic ...4
Sexy Six seriesAn erotic Mastermind variant and its add-ons. 4
Rocketbirds series4
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