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Full Spectrum Warrior series4
Aircraft: North American T-6 TexanGames featuring the North American T-6 Texan in a prominent role. This group ...4
Eufloria series4
Electronic Arts' Amazing Software lineThis group collects games in Electronic Arts' Amazing Software line. In use in ...4
MediEvil series4
Zeppelin International Sports seriesA line of sports games from the budget publisher Zeppelin Games, with no ...4
Crayola licenseesGames based on the Crayola brand of artist supplies, most famously its crayons. ...4
DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death) seriesA series of turn-based puzzle games featuring hero Beethro Budkin who kills ...4
Fox Ranger seriesFox Ranger is a series of shooters by the Korean developer Soft Action. Most of ...4
F1 Circus seriesA series of Formula 1 racing games produced by Nichibutsu. Originated on the PC ...4
NHL Hitz series4
Sengoku series4
Gangstar series4
Guacamelee! seriesA series of Metroidvania platformers4
Pet Pals series4
ChuSinGura series4
Uridium seriesThe Uridium games by Andy Braybrook4
Eoroid gamesThe original 1992 game and its subsequent unofficial clones, all of which ...4
Tank: M10 WolverineGames in which players can command the M10 Wolverine tank destroyer (and its ...4
Tank: Marder IIGames in which players can command the Marder II tank destroyer (and its ...4
Pepsi related gamesGames branded by the popular Pepsi Cola drink.4
Arcade Game SeriesA series of Namco arcade games made available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ...4
Puffins series4
Burai series4
Motion Gravure seriesInteractive clips featuring famous Japanese models4
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