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Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds series5
Twilight Syndrome universeTwilight Syndrome is a series of Japanese horror adventures, notable for ...5
Casebook series5
Midway Arcade Treasures series5
Mulle Meck licenseesGame based on the Swedish children book character Mulle Meck, created by Jens ...5
The Disappearing of Gensokyo series5
Perimeter series5
MDK seriesMDK (see the trivia section of the first game for possible meanings of this ...5
3D Engine: 3DreamGames using the 3Dream engine developed by the internal R&D team within Digital ...5
System Shock seriesSystem Shock games were notable for incorporating elements of first-person ...4
3D Engine: ArgonGames using a version of the Argon engine (original or modified) by Silden.4
Fictional character: Phantom of the OperaGames based on or inspired by Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera.4
Silent Storm universeThe games within the Silent Storm game group are similar to the Jagged Alliance ...4
Waldo licenseesGames featuring Waldo, the character from children books created by the British ...4
Super League series16-bit baseball franchise produced by Sega. All but the first title feature a ...4
Kaizō Chōjin Shubibinman / Shockman seriesA series of anime-style platform games.4
Inheritance Cycle gamesGames based on or inspired by author Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle ...4
Robot Wars licensees4
Spectrobes seriesThis group gathers all of the games in the Spectrobes series.4
Outlast series4
Carmonette SeriesMonte Carlo combat simulation used by the US military.4
Search & Rescue series4
Gold Miner series4
Gravity Rush series4
IHRA licenseesDrag racing games licensed by the International Hot Rod Association4
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