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Gamefest compilations4
Bill & Ted licenseesGames based on the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, its sequel, or its ...4
ALF licenseesGames featuring the licensed character of ALF, the cat-eating alien that had a ...4
REALPLAY seriesREALPLAY is a series of games published by In2Games, first announced in ...4
LucasArts Archive setsShovelware compilations of '90s LucasArts PC games, bundled with demos of their ...4
Galaxy Force series4
Arcade Gears seriesA series of arcade ports from older titles produced in the late '90s by Xing ...4
Pushmo series4
Ikiki gamesFree games developed by a Japanese developer under the moniker Ikiki or by the ...4
Starstrike series4
PokéMileage Club gamesGames available through the Pokémon Global Link website, and played with Poké ...4
Fictional character: Snow WhiteGames (literally or loosely) using the characters or setting of the Snow White ...4
Caillou licenseesGames based on the 4-year old bald-headed boy from books by author Christine ...4
Chocolatier seriesA chocolate factory simulation series originally developed by Big Splash Games ...4
Dragon Master Silk seriesA series of first-person dungeon crawlers by Gimmick House, featuring an ...4
Battle Mages series4
Dirt Track Racing series4
Rocket Knight seriesA series of platform games from Konami that started with Rocket Knight ...4
Quell series4
Ayrton Senna licenseesRacing games licensed/endorsed by Ayrton Senna, Ayrton Senna Foundation ...4
Game Engine: GenieGenie is a RTS engine developed by Ensemble Studios.4
Alien Syndrome seriesA series of top-down shooters where the player fights against aliens.4
Motion Gravure seriesInteractive clips featuring famous Japanese models4
Lords of Football series4
Farm Mania series4
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