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3D Engine: Dunia 2Games using a version of the Dunia 2 3D engine (original or modified) by ...4
The Fairly OddParents licensees4
Historical conflict: Winter WarGames based upon the November 1939 to March 1940 Winter War between the Soviet ...4
Gameloft's Brain Challenge games4
Strip Poker Exclusive series4
WarZone seriesA series of browser-based tank to tank combat games created by Ben Librojo.4
Phoenix variantsShoot-em up games where you control a spaceship in a hostile zone, with ...4
Freedom Force series4
Automobile: Lamborghini JalpaGames where the player can drive the Lamborghini Jalpa.Limitations The car must ...4
IHRA licenseesDrag racing games licensed by the International Hot Rod Association4
Maya the Bee gamesGames based on the children's books Die Biene Maja und ihre Abenteuer (The ...4
Final Romance series4
PlanetSide series4
Parappa the Rappa series4
Ford Simulator series4
The Evil Within seriesThe Evil Within horror-survival game and its DLCs.4
Pokémon Rumble series4
Tenchi Muyo licenseesGames based on the manga/anime series Tenchi Muyo (more exact romanization: ...4
Spectrobes seriesThis group gathers all of the games in the Spectrobes series.4
The "2011 Minigame Competition"Games created for 8-bit computers contest 2011 Minigame Competition. There ...4
Die by the Sword series4
Buck Rogers gamesGames that uses the licensed name or likeness of Buck Rogers; a fictional ...4
Assassin's Creed Chronicles seriesParent Group Assassin's Creed series 4
Alchemy variantsPuzzle games based on the concept of Alchemy, a DOS game developed between 1994 ...4
Sonic Boom series4
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