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Care Bears licenseesThe Care Bears was a popular 80s cartoon and toy line created by American ...6
Kim Possible gamesComputer games which are based on the Disney cartoon, Kim Possible. Kim is a ...6
Paperboy series6
Sabreman seriesGames following the story of Ultimate's Sabreman. Cancelled games A fifth ...6
Gameplay feature: CannibalismThis game group features games where the player controlled human or humanoid ...6
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller series6
Justice League licenseesGames featuring DC Comics' Justice League (JLA) team originally created by or ...6
3 For 1 Value Pack seriesThis is a list of the packages in Agetec's 3 For 1 Value Pack series. They ...6
The Fast and the Furious licensees6
Wild Thornberrys licenseesGames based on the characters and scenarios found in Nickelodeon's The Wild ...6
Alexandra Ledermann seriesThe games in this group relate to horse breeding and riding championships in ...6
My Coach seriesA series of educational games from Ubisoft6
Strawberry Shortcake licenseesGames bearing the Strawberry Shortcake licensed characters.6
Football Manager seriesThe first football management game ever, and its follow-ups6
Starfleet Command seriesDenotes the grouping of games that follow the old Star Fleet rules, but in the ...6
Black Mirror series6
Dragon Knight seriesThe Elf Company's film and computer RPG series of humourous erotic fantasy, ...6
Pokémon Stadium series6
Four Great Games seriesCompilations published by MicroValue6
The Dream Machine series6
Technology: LIFESTUDIO:HEADGames using the facial animation software LIFESTUDIO:HEAD by LifeMode ...6
Sierra Discovery SeriesA series of educational games released by Sierra On-line in the early 90's.6
Theme Park series6
Math Blaster series6
NBA in the Zone series6
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