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Criminal Girls series4
Genre: Sports - Figure skating4
Hunchback legacyGames published by Ocean using their exclusive home computer and console ...4
The Seven Years War series4
Poker Face Paul series4
Tank: FerdinandGames in which players can command the Ferdinand (AKA Elefant AKA Panzerjäger ...4
CT Special Forces series4
Skyshine's BEDLAM series4
3D Engine: MaxFXGames using the MaxFX engine (original or modified) by Remedy Entertainment Ltd.4
Cookie Run / OvenBreak seriesThese endless running platformers star cookies who really don't want to be ...4
Gridrunner series4
Fedora Spade seriesA series of freeware episodic adventure games starring the hard-boiled ...4
Lola Panda series Educational games featuring Lola Panda.4
The Great Battles seriesThe Great Battles are computer conversions of a board wargame system developed ...4
5 Plus One compilationsA series of compilations published by Prism Leisure Corporation Plc.4
Turma da Mônica (Mônica's Gang) licenseesMonica's Gang is a comic book series created by Mauricio de Sousa in 1959. With ...4
Mad Business simulations4
Austin Powers licenseesGames based on the Austin Powers movie series starring Mike Myers in a spoof of ...4
The Devil's Shroud seriesProtagonist Leonard Ketmeier, professor of medieval history and expert in ...4
Noddy licensees4
Disney's Hercules GamesGames based on characters and story elements from Disney's Hercules animated ...4
Poing seriesPaul van der Valk's series of horizontal Break-Out clones.4
World in Conflict seriesThe World in Conflict games are real-time strategy games in an alternate ...4
All Star Strip Poker seriesA series of strip poker games in which the player battles against filmed porn ...4
Tank: SU-76Games in which players can command the SU-76 (AKA Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 76) ...4
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