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Genre: Party / Mini-gameGames where the goal is for player(s) to participate in various mini-games.46
Gameplay feature: PokerThis game group consists of games in which the player can actively participate ...46
Puzz Loop variantsGames that share gameplay similar to the arcade game Puzz Loop (also known as ...46
Japanese PlayStation 4 game releases with full English supportThis group should contain Japanese releases which have 100% support for ...45
Settlers seriesSettlers is a series of managerial strategy games introduced by German game ...45
3D Engine: id Tech 1Games using the id Tech 1 graphics engine (formerly known as the "DOOM engine") ...45
Genre: Simulation - PetGames that simulate interaction between the player and a virtual pet animal. ...45
Nancy Drew licenseesAny of the mystery games based on the character of the teen detective Nancy ...45
Donkey Kong variantsGames that copied the design principles of the Donkey Kong series.45
Automobile: Mitsubishi EclipseGames where the player can drive the Mitsubishi Eclipse.Limitations The car ...45
Worms seriesWorms is a game series which features up to their teeth armed band of worms ...45
Gameplay feature: Character development - RepetitionRepetition-based character development focuses on continuous repetition in ...45
Total War seriesTotal War is a series of real-time strategy war games developed by The Creative ...45
EA FIFA seriesSoccer / Football (European) games carrying the Fédération Internationale de ...44
Genre: Stunt racingRacing games with a definite emphasis on stunts: jumping, corkscrews, loops, ...44
Historical conflict: Cold WarIncludes games that are based on the enmity between NATO and the Warsaw Pact ...44
Multimedia Fusion gamesGames developed using a version of the Multimedia Fusion development software, ...44
Gameplay feature: GamblingGames where player may participate in betting, gambling, or equivalent ...44
Automobile: Lancia DeltaGames where the player can drive the Lancia Delta.Limitations The car must be ...44
Theme: CircusGames inspired by classical or modern-day circuses, with may include but not ...43
Frogger variantsGames with gameplay similar to Konami's coin-op classic Frogger43
DOOM seriesThis group includes the main series of first-person shooters by Id Software, ...43
Elder Scrolls seriesElder Scrolls is a series of predominantly action role-playing games united by ...43
Gameplay feature: Time ManipulationGames where the player is able to bend the rules of time as a key element of ...43
Automobile: Bugatti VeyronGames where the player can drive the Bugatti Veyron. Includes all variants: ...43
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