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Franchise crossoversThis group contains games in which characters from two or more unrelated ...48
3D Engine: SourceGames using the Source engine (original or modified) by Valve Corporation, ...48
Memories Off seriesA series of visual novels by KID.48
Automobile: Audi QuattroGames where the player can drive the Audi Quattro and all its variants. -- from ...48
Battlefield seriesThe Battlefield franchise is a row of first-person tactical shooters from ...48
Physical Bonus Content: Art BookThis group should contain all the retail releases that include a book featuring ...48
Donkey Kong variantsGames that copied the design principles of the Donkey Kong series.48
Multimedia Fusion gamesGames developed using a version of the Multimedia Fusion development software, ...47
Automobile: BMW Z4Games where the player can drive the BMW Z4.Limitations The car must be ...47
Links seriesAll games and add-ons in the Access Software (now Microsoft) Links golf series.47
Gameplay feature: Character development - RepetitionRepetition-based character development focuses on continuous repetition in ...47
2.5D Engine: BuildGames using the Build graphics engine, written by Ken Silverman for 3D Realms ...47
Pachinko variantsGames based on the Japanese gaming device.47
HUDless gamesMost games have sections of the screen reserved for numbers, graphs, or other ...47
Total War seriesTotal War is a series of real-time strategy war games developed by The Creative ...47
Aircraft: Supermarine SpitfireGames featuring the Supermarine Spitfire in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...47
Automobile: Lancia DeltaGames where the player can drive the Lancia Delta.Limitations The car must be ...46
Worms seriesWorms is a game series which features up to their teeth armed band of worms ...46
Automobile: Mitsubishi EclipseGames where the player can drive the Mitsubishi Eclipse.Limitations The car ...46
Genre: Simulation - PetGames that simulate interaction between the player and a virtual pet animal. ...46
EA FIFA seriesSoccer / Football (European) games carrying the Fédération Internationale de ...46
Gameplay feature: PokerThis game group consists of games in which the player can actively participate ...46
PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits releasesGames available for the PlayStation 3 which have been re-released in "Greatest ...46
Ultima universeContains the main (numbered) Ultima series, spin-offs such as Ultima ...46
King Arthur / Camelot gamesNote: Due to varied myth, legend, folklore, and historical sources, information ...46
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