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Poker Face Paul series4
Kung Fu Panda licensees4
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia licenseesGames based on NHK's and Gainax's cartoon series about Nadia.4
Geometry Wars seriesBizarre Creations' space shooter series, which began as a hidden game in ...4
Inca series4
Hunchback legacyGames published by Ocean using their exclusive home computer and console ...4
Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook adaptationsComputer game adaptations of the original Choose Your Own Adventure ...4
Galaxy Fräulein Yuna seriesSeries of Japanese-style adventure games (sometimes with combat sequences) ...4
Death Jr. series4
Impire series4
PixelJunk Monsters series4
Thexder series4
Astonishia Story seriesAstonishia Story (어스토니시아 스토리) is a series of role-playing games originally ...4
Genocide seriesA series of sci-fi mecha-themed side-scrolling action games by Zoom.4
Metal Max seriesMetal Max is a series of role-playing games initially created by Hiroshi ...4
Heiankyo Alien/Booby Kids variantsGames based on the 1979 coin-op Heiankyo Alien or its 1987 successor Kid no ...4
Runes of Avalon series4
Gatchaman / Battle of the Planets licenseesGames based on the Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman ...4
Star Castle variantsGames featuring game play similar to the arcade game Star Castle.4
Zanac seriesThe shoot'em-up that actually adapts to your playing style.4
GaoGao! seriesA series of Japanese adult adventures, predominantly set in a post-apocalyptic ...4
Game Engine: M.A.D.S.Microprose Adventure Development System4
Romancing SaGa series4
Mahjong Fantasia seriesA series of adult, story-driven mahjong games set in a medieval fantasy world.4
Jewels of the Oracle series4
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