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Game engine: PTKGames made using the cross-platform PTK game engine by Phelios Inc..7
F-15 Strike Eagle series7
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: MystaraThe games in this group take place in TSR's Mystara campaign setting for the ...7
Ogre Battle series7
Dangerous Dave seriesThe Dangerous Dave series of games was created by John Romero in 1988 when he ...7
Hugo gamesThe Hugo Interactive Fiction Development System is an Interactive Fiction ...7
Aladdin Deck Enhancer gamesThis group contains the games that were compatible with the unlicensed NES ...7
Drawn series7
Aircraft: Northrop YF-23Games featuring the Northrop YF-23 in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...7
Diner Dash seriesThis series of games features Flo, a waitress and hostess of various ...7
Dakar Rally setting7
Hammerin' Harry legacy7
Jewel Quest series7
Aircraft: Su-25 FrogfootGames featuring the Sukhoi Su-25 (NATO reporting name: Frogfoot) in a prominent ...8
Wayne Gretzky licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Wayne Gretzky8
V tylu vraga series Best Way's World War II strategy series, published in Russia under the title ...8
Itadaki Street series8
AFL licenseesGames using an official license from the Australian Football League.8
Aircraft: Nieuport 11Games featuring the Nieuport 11 in a prominent role.Limitations If the aircraft ...8
Victoria seriesA series of strategy games set in the Victorian era, developed by Paradox ...8
Maxx Out! seriesIn the mid to late 1980s, Epyx went on a spree of taking games that were ...8
Killzone series8
Strategic Command seriesStrategic Command is a series of games developed and released by ...8
Realms of Arkania / Das Schwarze Auge seriesRealms of Arkania (German: Das Schwarze Auge) is a trilogy of role-playing ...8
Ankh seriesA series of adventure games set in ancient Egypt. The first was the RISC OS ...8
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