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Nintendo's Action seriesNorth American Nintendo Entertainment System games that were marked with the ...7
NHL FaceOff series7
Fictional character: Peter PanGames set in the Peter Pan universe.7
Eldorado Gate seriesA role-playing game (RPG) that contains seven separately released volumes.7
The Journeyman Project seriesThe Journeyman Project is a trilogy of first-person, science fiction adventure ...7
MX seriesRacing games of the Rainbow Studios' MX brand.7
Hammerin' Harry legacy7
The Sims 3 expansions7
Hidden Expedition seriesA series of hidden object games created by Big Fish Games.7
Daedalic Adventure Collection seriesA compilation of adventure games originally published by Daedalic Entertainment ...7
Manchester United gamesGames licensed around Manchester United Football club. This may involve using ...7
Gratuitous Space Battles series7
Setting: Chinese Qing DynastyThe Qing Dynasty (Chinese: 清朝) ruled China from 1644 to 1912. Led by the Manchu ...7
Alien Nations / Die Völker seriesA series of German strategy games influenced by The Settlers series. The main ...7
Microsoft Entertainment Pack series7
Magic Candle seriesMindcraft's series of related fantasy games played from a top-down perspective.7
Jewel Quest series7
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X seriesA series of action-oriented flight simulations developed by Ubisoft SRL.7
Dakar Rally setting7
Bestowers of Eternity / The Blackwell Legacy seriesA series of adventure games centered around members of the Blackwell family and ...7
3D Engine: CryEngine 1Games using the first generation of the CryENGINE (original or modified) by ...7
Home Alone licenseesGames based on the 1990 film Home Alone or its sequels.7
.hack seriesGames belonging to the "dot hack" RPG series7
Freescape gamesGames built around the solid 3D Freescape world from Incentive Software.7
Atari Smash Hits7
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