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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak series4
Spindizzy seriesPaul Shirley's pair of games for Electric Dreams featuring the gyrations of ...4
God Eater series4
Bagman variantsBagman is an arcade game made by Valadon Automation in 1982. The main character ...4
Disc Saga gamesIncludes separate episodes of Compile's RPG Disc Saga, as well as their other ...4
Gameloft's Brain Challenge games4
Yarudora (やるドラ) gamesYarudora (やるドラ) games are games by Sony Interactive Entertainment produced for ...4
Middleware: A* PathfindingGames using the A* Pathfinding middleware developed by Aron Granberg.Related ...4
DonPachi series4
Kiss licenseesGames that are related or official licensees of the American rock band Kiss.4
IHRA licenseesDrag racing games licensed by the International Hot Rod Association4
Virtual On series4
EF2000 seriesThis group is for all variants of EF2000 combat flight simulator by DiD.4
Boktai series4
AiRace series4
Final Cut4
Chaos Rings series4
Japanese Nintendo DS game releases with full English supportThis group should contain Japanese releases which have 100% support for ...4
Spectrobes seriesThis group gathers all of the games in the Spectrobes series.4
Agent Hugo series4
NieR: AutomataThis group collects the different versions of the NieR: Automata games and DLCs.4
Lost Grimoires series4
Genre: Sports - BullfightingGames that deal with the tradition of bullfighting (or tauromachy), usually ...4
Crowd funding (cancelled/unsuccessful)Games that were aimed to be developed through crowd funding, where developers ...4
Art of Fighting seriesArt of Fighting games created by SNK. These are side-scrolling fighting games.4
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