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Shift series4
Armored Fist seriesA series of simulations where the player controls tanks.4
Setting: Axis victory in World War IIThis group contains games which completely or partially take place in an ...4
Bottom of the 9th series4
Metal Max seriesMetal Max is a series of role-playing games initially created by Hiroshi ...4
Battle Mages series4
Dharma Dōjō variants4
Extreme-G series4
Rock 'N Racing series4
Game Engine: QuestGames made using a version of Alex Warren's Quest interactive fiction framework.4
Sorcerian seriesA series of action role-playing games by Nihon Falcom, traditionally combining ...4
F-22 seriesNovalogic F-22 themed flight sims.4
Lightning Warrior Raidy series4
Pac-Man World series4
Hercules / Xena licenseesGames based on the show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, its spin-off Xena: ...4
Starwhal series4
Goosebumps licenseesGames based on the Goosebumps series of kids' horror books.4
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: EberronThis group collects computer and video games set in Wizards of the Coast's ...4
Playmobil licenseesGames based on the popular PLAYMOBIL® line of toys.4
Electronic Arts' Amazing Software lineThis group collects games in Electronic Arts' Amazing Software line. In use in ...4
Summer Carnival seriesSummer Carnival was Naxat Soft's answer to Hudson's Caravan Tournament ...4
Genre: Card / Tile game - Pinochle4
Costume Quest series4
NHRA licenseesDrag racing games that are officially licensed by the National Hot Rod ...4
Aircraft: Saab 37 ViggenGames featuring the Saab 37 Viggen in a prominent role. This group includes all ...4
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