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Gameplay feature: Licensed restaurant / café / store / etc.This group should contain games which feature life-like versions of actual ...5
Music / MTV: Music Generator seriesMusic Creation Software5
Tank: JagdtigerGames in which players can command the Jagdtiger (AKA Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. ...5
Gex series5
Setting: City - AthensGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Athens, Greece. The ...5
Project Gotham Racing series5
Tank: SU-85Games in which players can command the SU-85 (AKA Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 85) ...5
Brandish seriesBrandish is a series of action role-playing games by Nihon Falcom. The first ...5
Frozen Synapse series5
NiGHTS series5
Red Orchestra series5
Cresta seriesNihon Bussan's line of arcade shmups, starting with Moon Cresta.5
Valkyria Chronicles series5
Star Wars: The Old Republic gamesThis group contains games set during the Old Republic era of the Star Wars ...5
Robot seriesThe titles of the ROBOT series are arcade puzzle games written by Christian ...5
UFO seriesThe UFO series of tactical strategy games released by Cenega Publishing.5
Infocom Enchanter seriesInfocom's follow-up series to Zork (set in the same game world, during the Age ...5
Game Engine: AGASTThis group is for games made using the freeware adventure game development ...5
Shiawase Usagi gamesShiawase Usagi ("Happy Rabbit") is a series of unlicensed, ...5
Gabriel Knight seriesA series of puzzle-solving adventure games, originally designed by Jane Jensen ...5
Middleware: DMMGames using a version of the DMM (Digital Molecule Matter) middleware by ...5
Archon seriesSeries of fantasy strategy games dovetailing shifting (battle) chessboard ...5
Dragonlance / Krynn seriesThe SSI Gold Box games playing in the world of Krynn.Parent Group Dungeons & ...5
Automobile: Audi R10 TDIGames where the player can drive the Audi R10 TDI race car.Limitations The car ...5
McDonald's licenseesGames under the license of the world-spread American chain of fast-food ...5
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