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Inspiration: ToysThis group consists of games inspired by or licensed directly from toy ...345
Inspiration: MoviesThis group contains games based on movies, released either in theaters or ...1501
Inspiration: LiteratureThis group contains games based on previously published works of literature and ...647
Inspiration: Internet cartoonsGames directly inspired from cartoon shows on the internet. This includes ...7
Inspiration: Horror moviesThis group contains games based on horror movies, released either in theaters, ...78
Inspiration: ComicsGames that are strictly based on comics, including comic books, graphic novels, ...367
Inspiration: Book - Xi You Ji / Journey to the WestGames based on, or inspired by the classic Chinese novel Xi You Ji (西游记, ...62
Inspiration: Book - Shuihuzhuan / Water MarginGames based on, or inspired by the Chinese novel Water Margin (simplified ...16
Inspiration: Author - William ShakespeareGames based on (or directly inspired by) the works of the English playwright ...11
Inspiration: Author - Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) was a Scottish writer most famous for his ...11
Inspiration: Author - Philip K. DickGames which are based either on Philip K. Dick's original short stories or ...11
Inspiration: Author - Jules VerneGames based on or directly inspired by the fantastic proto-steampunk writings ...24
Inspiration: Author - J. R. R. TolkienGames: Games based off of J. R. R. Tolkien's literary works, especially the ...76
Inspiration: Author - Jirō AkagawaGames based on novels and stories written by the Japanese author Jirō Akagawa ...3
Inspiration: Author - JinyongGames that are based on, or inspired by the wuxia (martial arts) novels of the ...4
Inspiration: Author - H. P. LovecraftGames based on the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. These tend to concern ...44
Inspiration: Author - Edgar Allan PoeGames based on (or drawing inspiration directly from) the works of the North ...11
Inspiration: Author - Astrid Lindgren7
Inspiration: Author - Arkadi and Boris StrugatskyThis group contains games based on - directly or loosely - the works of the ...16
Inspiration: Author - Alexandre DumasGames based on (or directly inspired by) the works of the French writer ...7
Inspiration: Author - Agatha ChristieOfficially licensed games based on the works of English author Agatha Christie. ...11
Inspector Parker gamesGames featuring the Chief Inspector Parker from Oberon Games.2
Inspector Gadget licenseesGames featuring the bumbling, half robotic Inspector.10
Insider Tales seriesINTENIUM's series of hidden object games.4
Insane Speedway seriesA series of speedway management games. 2
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