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Largo Winch seriesGames based on the comic Largo Winch which was created by writer Jean Van Hamme ...2
Laptop & Travel Games series2
La Prisión series3
L.A. Noire series14
Language Instruction - HebrewEducational games that aim to teach players the Hebrew language.2
Language Instruction - EnglishEducational games that aim to teach players the English language. 6
Langrisser series12
Landwirtschafts Gigant / Farming Giant seriesA series of managerial games in which the player takes control over a farm.3
Lands of Lore seriesLands of Lore is a series of role-playing games by Westwood. The games take ...4
Lands of Dream series2
Lancer universeGames within the Starlancer/Freelancer universe, started by Chris and Erin ...2
La-Mulana series2
Lalaloopsy series2
La La Land seriesThis is a series of five Game Maker games, all released in 2006, by Matt ...5
Lafuma Unlimit series2
Ladder Man seriesA series of puzzle games by Soleau Software. 3
Labyronia RPG series2
Labyrinth series3
Labyrinth conversionsConversion of the Ravensburger board game Labyrinth, which features a changing ...2
La Aventura legacy2
Kyotaro Nishimura mysteriesGames based off of stories written by Kyotaro Nishimura (西村 京太郎), a Japanese ...6
Kyle Hyde seriesNintendo DS detective games featuring Kyle Hyde as main protagonist.2
Kyd Cadet Series3
Kurushi / Intelligent Qube series5
Kururin series3
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