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Capcom's MotoGP series4
Laura Bow seriesGraphical adventure games by Sierra in the mystery idiom, featuring the ...4
Incoming series4
Dollar Dash series4
Tyranny series4
Zoombinis series4
Inheritance Cycle gamesGames based on or inspired by author Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle ...4
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series4
Deflection / Slashball variantsGames in which a bouncing ball is deflected by placing slashes and backslashes ...4
Speed Busters / Speed Devil series4
Robot Wars licensees4
Setting: Chinese Qin DynastyQin Dynasty (Chinese: 秦朝) was the first imperial dynasty to control China; its ...4
System Shock seriesSystem Shock games were notable for incorporating elements of first-person ...4
Unity of Command series4
Wipeout licenseesGames based on the television game show Wipeout (2008-2014).4
The Game of Life licensees4
Viscera Cleanup Detail seriesGames that are part of the Viscera Cleanup Detail family.4
Disney's Hercules GamesGames based on characters and story elements from Disney's Hercules animated ...4
Opening Weekend series4
Funky Lab Rat series4
Tenchi o kurau licenseesGames based on Hiroshi Motomiya's comic about the "three kingdoms" period in ...4
Noddy licensees4
Halloween Harry series4
Fedora Spade seriesA series of freeware episodic adventure games starring the hard-boiled ...4
Scott Adams Questprobe seriesQuestprobe is a series of graphical text adventures based on Marvel comic book ...4
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