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Call of Juarez series5
Breath of Fire seriesBreath of Fire is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games by Capcom. The ...5
Rise of Nations series5
Puzzler series5
Rocky licenseesGames based on the movies about the boxer Rocky Balboa.5
Kid Pix series5
SY!NSO (Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!) series5
Skate or Die series5
Legend of Zelda fangamesUnofficial fangames based on Nintendo's Legend of Zelda universe. 5
Mega Man / Rockman Zero seriesThe Mega Man Zero series is a spinoff of the Mega Man/Rockman X series of ...5
Seven Kingdoms series5
Tank: Tiger IGames in which players can command the Tiger I German heavy tank (both drive ...5
Tecmo World Cup seriesA series of World Cup soccer games by Tecmo .5
Fengse Huanxiang / Wind Fantasy seriesChinese-made games set in a fantasy world. Most of the installments are ...5
Gameloft's Midnight seriesA series of handheld casual sports games developed by Gameloft S.A. with a ...5
Neko series5
Watch_Dogs series5
World Heroes series5
Bob the Builder licensees5
Buichi Terasawa licenseesGames based on the works of manga artist Buichi Terasawa.5
Stuart Little GamesStuart Little is a fictional character created by author E. B. White in his ...5
Air Combat seriesA series of flight and air combat simulations by SystemSoft.5
Software Terminal's "Tele" gamesA series of modem-play two-player games developed by Scott Lamb and marketed by ...5
Carnivores series5
Juiced series5
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