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Famicom Fax Disk gamesThe Famicom Disk Fax was a short-lived line-up of FDS games that were printed ...4
Strip Poker Exclusive series4
Chaos Rings series4
X-Men: Legends series4
Setting: Baikonur CosmodromeGames in which the Soviet era space launch facility in Kazakhstan is featured. ...4
Meteos seriesA series of falling block puzzle games developed by Q ENTERTAINMENT, Inc.4
Jumping Jack/Leggit variantsGames inspired by the gameplay of Imagine's Jumping Jack (or Leggit), where you ...4
Pippa Funnell licensees4
3D Engine: Cube 2Games using a version of the open source 3D engine Cube 2 (original or ...4
Brink of ConsciousnessBrink of Consciousness series4
3D Engine: 4A EngineGames using a version of the proprietary 4A Engine (original or modified) ...4
Northern Tale seriesA series of time-management games by Realore Studios about a Viking king named ...4
Demonbane series4
RIFT series4
Aircraft: Consolidated B-24 LiberatorGames featuring the Consolidated B-24 Liberator in a prominent role. This group ...4
Magic Encyclopedia seriesThe Magic Enclopedia series is comprised of hidden object games with adventure ...4
Metal Max seriesMetal Max is a series of role-playing games initially created by Hiroshi ...4
Dharma Dōjō variants4
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: EberronThis group collects computer and video games set in Wizards of the Coast's ...4
Genre: Card / Tile game - Pinochle4
Unity of Command series4
Setting: City - ShanghaiGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Shanghai, China. The ...4
PGA Championship Golf series4
WarBirds seriesThe Warbirds games are flight simulations developed by iEntertainment ...4
Romancing SaGa series4
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