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City Life series4
Strikers 1945 series4
The Fall Trilogy gamesThe Fall Trilogy is an episodic 3-part adventure series of games by Kheops ...4
Stuntman seriesA series of games where players assume the role of a stuntman to perform ...4
Reckless Racing series4
Legend of Kyrandia seriesLegend of Kyrandia is a series of adventure games sharing a fantasy setting and ...4
Army of Two series4
Magic Knight Rayearth licenseesGames based on the original manga Magic Knight Rayearth (魔法騎士レイアース, Mahou ...4
Thomas Was Alone series4
A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda series4
Crush Pinball seriesA series of fantastical pinball-themed action games jointly developed by ...4
BoxBoy! series4
Montezuma's Revenge series4
Microsoft Plus! editions that included gamesMicrosoft Plus! releases were add-on packs for various Windows operating ...4
Bomb Jack series4
Gungriffon seriesMech simulation series from Game Arts.4
Xenon seriesThe Bitmap Brothers' series of top-down sci-fi shoot-'em-ups.4
When Superpowers Collide seriesWargame series from SSI, depicting a series of hypothetical conflicts between ...4
Troll doll licenseesThis game group includes games carrying a Troll doll license. Originally ...4
Klomanager / Toilet Tycoon seriesA series of public toilet management games from Germany.4
Mike Tyson Boxing gamesAny boxing game bearing Mike Tysons' licensed likeness or support.4
Ex Machina seriesA series of truck racing, action, and merchant games set in a post-apocalyptic ...4
Darkness Within seriesDarkness Within is a series of adventure games inspired by famous horror writer ...4
Yatagarasu series4
Genre: Board game - StrategoThis group includes all officially licensed Stratego games, as well as ...4
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