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Cosmic Guerilla variants5
Lufia / Estopolis seriesA series of Japanese-style role-playing games developed by Neverland, ...5
Aircraft: Eurocopter TigerGames featuring the Eurocopter Tiger in a prominent role. This group includes ...5
Setting: City - WarsawGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Warsaw (Warszawa), ...5
StreetPass Mii Plaza games Games installed within the StreetPass Mii Plaza software that comes pre-loaded ...5
Transport Tycoon series5
Ride seriesThe Ride games are motor bike simulation games, which can be played as single ...5
Mulle Meck licenseesGame based on the Swedish children book character Mulle Meck, created by Jens ...5
Time Mysteries series5
Casebook series5
Daley Thompson licenseesTrivia 1988 proved to be one Olympic Games too many for Daley, by then 31, as ...5
Mighty Switch Force! series5
Firefall groupThis group is for the massively-multiplayer online sci-fi shooter Firefall, its ...5
Chuck Norris licenseesGames featuring the American actor Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris as primary ...5
Totally Spies! licensees5
America's Army seriesA series of serious games based on actual army situations. It was mainly ...5
Aircraft: F-100 Super SabreGames featuring the North American F-100 Super Sabre in a prominent role. ...5
Krondor seriesRole-playing games based on the "Riftwar" adventure novels by Raymond Feist, ...5
Game Engine: FilmationUltimate Play The Game's isometric, flip-screen engine, succeeded by Filmation ...5
V.G. / Variable Geo seriesUsually just named "V.G." after the first game, this is a series of fighting ...5
Tatakae Genshijin / Joe and Mac series5
Game Engine: Computer Novel Construction SetInteractive fiction games created by the Computer Novel Construction Set, ...5
Hunter's Trophy seriesA series of hunting game developed by Kylotonn.5
Twenty Questions gamesComputer adaptations of the parlor game where one participant thinks of an ...5
Perimeter series5
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