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Fallen London universeGames set in the Fallen London universe developed by Failbetter Games.3
Fallen Haven series2
Falcon seriesThis group contains the Falcon line of computer games. It is a series of ...13
Falcon Patrol seriesA series published and delevoped by Virgin Games, Ltd., in which players ...2
Fairy Gods gamesThe official name of a hentai anime series of "digital novels" based on ...2
Faery Tale Adventure series2
Factory Balls series2
Fabula Nova Crystallis seriesA subseries of the Final Fantasy games. Games that are part of Fabula Nova ...62
Fable seriesFable is a series of RPGs created by Lionhead Studios. Typically, Fable games ...35
Fabled Lands gamebook adaptationsGames adapted from, based on or inspired by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson's ...2
F/A-18 Hornet seriesSeries of flight simulations from Graphic Simulations Corporation, featuring ...5
F-22 seriesNovalogic F-22 themed flight sims.4
F-1 Spirit legacy2
F1 seriesA series of Formula 1 racing games by Codemasters.6
F1ROC series2
F1 Pole Position / Human Grand Prix seriesF1 racing games developed by Human Entertainment.5
F1 Circus seriesA series of Formula 1 racing games produced by Nichibutsu. Originated on the PC ...4
F-15 Strike Eagle series7
EyeToy series9
Eye of the Beholder series1st-person dungeon-crawling AD&D-licensed RPG series set in the popular ...7
ExZeus gamesA series of rail shooters based on the arcade game ExZeus3
Extreme Sports SeriesA series of games marked with a specific "extreme" label which were made and ...9
Extreme Paintbrawl Series2
Extreme-G series4
Exploding Fist lineageBeat 'em ups connected to The Way of the Exploding Fist, either in gameplay or ...3
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