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Ford Simulator series4
Corpse Party series4
Kiloblaster series4
PlanetSide series4
Aircraft: Nakajima Ki-84Games featuring the Nakajima Ki-84 in a prominent role. This group includes all ...4
Star Defender seriesGames from the Star Defender series developed by Awem Studio.4
Royal Quest series4
Freedom Force series4
3D Engine: EnforceGames using the proprietary Enforce 3D game engine, originally developed by ...4
Jimmy White licenseesSnooker games licensed/endorsed by Jimmy White.4
WarZone seriesA series of browser-based tank to tank combat games created by Ben Librojo.4
Unity of Command series4
The Settlers III seriesThe Settlers III base game with official add-ons and expansions.Parent Group ...4
Sing It series4
Infogrames Crystal Collection games3 abstract puzzle games from the French publisher, all branded under the same ...4
3D Engine: Dunia 2Games using a version of the Dunia 2 3D engine (original or modified) by ...4
Taxi Challenge series4
Tank: FerdinandGames in which players can command the Ferdinand (AKA Elefant AKA Panzerjäger ...4
Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica series4
Impire series4
Skyshine's BEDLAM series4
Snowboard Kids seriesA series of snowboarding games by Racdym (later Racjin Co., Ltd.).4
Game Party seriesA series of party games. Each game features a number of real life activities ...4
Hell Yeah!: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit seriesHell Yeah games are jump & run games, or action-adventure platformer as they ...4
Microsoft Plus! editions that included gamesMicrosoft Plus! releases were add-on packs for various Windows operating ...4
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