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Emergency Room series8
Sins of a Solar Empire series8
Sven Bømwøllen gamesGames featuring the sheep Sven Bømwøllen.8
Novel Ware gamesCreated by System Sacom, the denominator Novel Ware was applied to adventure ...8
The Longest Journey seriesThe Longest Journey is a series of adventure games by the Norwegian developer ...8
Kroz seriesThe first massive episodic shareware success dynasty, the Kroz series put the ...8
Combat Mission seriesThe Combat Mission games are strategy games where the player has a limited ...8
V tylu vraga series Best Way's World War II strategy series, published in Russia under the title ...8
Medieval: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Medieval series.8
Outlaw Sports seriesAll the Outlaw sports games.8
Historical conflict: War of 1812Games that are set (or contain campaigns/scenarios) during the War of 1812 (18 ...8
Viper games Sogna's series of animated hentai games. They originated with the first ...8
Zoo Tycoon 2 seriesThis group includes Zoo Tycoon 2 and the expansion-packs that were released for ...8
Elvira licenseesDenotes games that feature the horror B-movie hostess queen, Elvira. Includes ...8
Defender gamesSeries inspired by, derived from and officially licensed from Eugene Jarvis' ...8
Freespace series8
SSX series8
Xevious gamesA series of vertically scrolling shooters from Namco8
Sōkoban seriesThe original puzzle game by Thinking Rabbit and any follow-ups with an official ...8
Mermaid gamesGames based on mermaids, often in the lead role.8
Valis seriesValis is a series of platform action games developed by various subsidiaries of ...8
Omnitrend science fiction universeGames set in the universe introduced by Omnitrend's Universe. They take place ...8
Setting: City - CairoGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Cairo, Egypt. The ...8
Ninja Jajamaru-kun seriesA series of games featuring Jaleco's little red ninja.8
Cossacks series8
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