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Enemy Engaged series6
Ivalice Alliance seriesA subseries of the Final Fantasy games, all set in the Ivalice universe.Related ...6
Middleware: GameWorksGames using the GameWorks middleware developed by NVIDIA Corporation. It is a ...6
Aircraft: Junkers Ju 88Games featuring the Junkers Ju 88 in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...6
Little Shop seriesThe Little Shop games are hidden object titles developed by GameHouse, usually ...6
Sega Rally seriesSeries of rally games by Sega.6
Actua Soccer seriesThe Actua Soccer series consists of soccer simulations originally developed by ...6
Tintin licenseesGames starring Hergé's character Tintin and his dog Snowy.6
Electronic Arts' Theme seriesGames produced by Electronic arts that competed in an indirect way with Maxis' ...6
Automobile: Porsche 914Games where the player can drive the Porsche 914. Includes all variants: 914/4, ...6
Game Engine: Essence 1.0Games using a version of the Essence 1.0 engine (original or modified), created ...6
Geneforge series6
The Banner Saga series6
Real Football / Soccer seriesA series of mobile football/soccer games by Gameloft. These are all 2D games ...6
Sports Illustrated licensees6
Aveyond 3: Orb of Magic seriesAveyond 3: Orb of Magic is a subseries of the Aveyond series. The third main ...6
SSG's Battlefront seriesTurn-based operational level wargames built upon the Battlefront Game System, ...6
M&M's licensees6
Let's Ride seriesSeries of horse themed games developed by Radon Labs where the player is ...6
Perfect General series6
Star Wars: Battlefront seriesParent Group Star Wars Licensees 6
MLS licenseesSoccer games licensed by the Major League Soccer organization. 6
Capcom Generation seriesCapcom's series of classic compilations for PlayStation and Saturn.6
NFL 2K series6
Alex Kidd seriesIncludes all the games released starring Alex Kidd. Although most installments ...6
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