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Justice League licenseesGames featuring DC Comics' Justice League (JLA) team originally created by or ...6
Animals: GoatsGames that feature goats as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.6
Women's Murder Club seriesThe Women's Murder Club games are hidden object games in which female ...6
Penny Arcade Adventures seriesA series of games developed by Hothead Games based on the web comic Penny ...6
Cosmic Fantasy seriesCosmic Fantasy is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games. Created by the ...6
They Sold a Million series6
Asuka 120% seriesA series of all-girl fighting games created by Fill in Café in the '90s, ...6
Alpine seriesA series of downhill skiing and snowboarding games created by Namco.6
Aircraft: Northrop F-5Games featuring the Northrop F-5 supersonic jet fighter in a prominent role. ...6
Alex Kidd seriesIncludes all the games released starring Alex Kidd. Although most installments ...6
Fly! series6
Stardust series6
Lips series6
Memorial Series: SunsoftThis group gathers all of the releases in the Memorial Series: Sunsoft ...6
Dream Day seriesA series of hidden object games, following a couple getting married and ...6
Dark Designs seriesA six-part suite of stock fantasy RPG tropes, composed of two distinct ...6
Perfect General series6
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: RavenloftRavenloft™ games originally used the campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons ...6
Alien: Isolation series6
Little Shop seriesThe Little Shop games are hidden object titles developed by GameHouse, usually ...6
Super Bomberman series6
Cities in Motion series6
Elevator Action variants6
NCAA GameBreaker series989 Studios series of college football games. The NFL counterpart of this group ...6
Dan Dare licenseesGames based on the 1950's British Eagle comic book space cadet Dan Dare, a ...6
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