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Tak series6
Middleware: AwesomiumGames using the Awesomium middleware by Khrona to use a HTML UI in a C++ or ...6
Mr. Do! seriesThe following list contains all the games in the series that feature Mr. Do!6
Supreme Commander series6
Play the Games compilationsFeaturing Eidos/Electronic Arts/Infogrames/Virgin's joint-compilation series.6
Diablo II seriesDiablo II with its own collector's edition and add-ons, the story which was ...6
Mini Ninjas series6
SSG's Battlefront seriesTurn-based operational level wargames built upon the Battlefront Game System, ...6
Setting: City - FlorenceGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Florence, Italy. The ...6
Little Shop seriesThe Little Shop games are hidden object titles developed by GameHouse, usually ...6
Aircraft: Junkers Ju 88Games featuring the Junkers Ju 88 in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...6
Ivalice Alliance seriesA subseries of the Final Fantasy games, all set in the Ivalice universe.Related ...6
Empire gamesGames based on the popular turn-based wargame.Related links Wikipedia: Empire ...6
Happy and Indigo series6
Déjà Vu series6
PopCap compilationsCompilations of PopCap games.6
Micro League Sports series6
D.P.S./Dream Program Scenario seriesA series of adult visual novels, each containing three different scenarios.6
EA Sports Rugby series6
NCAA GameBreaker series989 Studios series of college football games. The NFL counterpart of this group ...6
Treasure Seekers seriesA series of hidden object adventure games starring the characters of Nelly and ...6
The Fast and the Furious licensees6
Rage of Mages / Allods series6
Middleware: GameBlocksGames using the GameBlocks online multiplayer anti-cheating technology.Related ...6
Echoes of the Past series6
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