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Launch title: Xbox 360 (North America)Games that were available for the North American launch of the Xbox 360 on ...21
Launch title: Xbox (North America)Games that were available for the North American launch of the Xbox on November ...18
Laura Bow seriesGraphical adventure games by Sierra in the mystery idiom, featuring the ...4
Laura series1
Lawnmower Game series2
Law & Order series7
Laxius Power seriesLaxius Power started as a freeware game in 2001 and evolved as a commercial ...7
Laydock seriesLaydock is a shoot 'em up series made for the MSX computer by T&E Soft. As ...3
Layers of Fear series4
Layton seriesThe Professor Layton series centre around the archaeologist Professor Hershel ...9
Leader Board seriesAccess's famous golfing series.11
League of Evil series3
Learning Adventures! series2
Learning Fun 1 series2
Learning With the Pooyoos seriesLearning With the PooYoos is an educational game series intended for children, ...3
Leather Goddesses of Phobos series2
Left 4 Dead series11
Legacy of Kain seriesLegacy of Kain is a series of action games with puzzle-solving elements, united ...9
Legacy of the Necromancer seriesA trilogy of interactive fiction games inspired by Zork.3
Legaia series2
Legendary Axe series2
Legend of Grimrock series3
Legend of Heroes seriesLegend of Heroes (Japanese: Eiyū Densetsu, 英雄伝説) is a spin-off RPG series ...27
Legend of Kay series3
Legend of Kyrandia seriesLegend of Kyrandia is a series of adventure games sharing a fantasy setting and ...4
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