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EcoQuest seriesEcoQuest is a series of adventure games by Sierra, their common protagonist ...2
Echo Night seriesGames in the Echo Night horror adventure series.3
Echoes of the Past series4
Echelon universe3
Echelon series2
Ecco the Dolphin seriesGames based on the character of Ecco, the heroic dolphin.4
Eastside Hockey Manager seriesIn January 2007 developer Sports Interactive Limited announced to discontinue ...4
East India Company series5
Easter egg gamesGames concealed in software contexts in which games are not expected, typically ...6
EA Sports UFC series2
EA Sports Superbike seriesA series of licensed racing games simulating the World Superbike championship, ...3
EA Sports Street games12
EA Sports' Stars seriesEA's short-lived spin-off series from the traditional FIFA series. Instead of ...3
EA Sports Rugby series6
EA Sports NHL seriesA series of hockey games carrying either a NHL or NHLPA license from Electronic ...28
EA Sports gamesGames under the EA Sports brand by Electronic Arts, Inc. When the company ...382
EA Sports BIG gamesGame that fall under the EA Sports BIG brand.19
Earthworm Jim series8
Earth Defense Force / Chikyū Bōeigun seriesA series of action shooters developed by Sandlot that pits the player against ...4
Earth 2150 series5
Early Learning Family seriesBroderbund Software's series of educational games for children ages 3 to 10.4
Earl Weaver Baseball series2
Earl Bobby series3
Eagle Eye Mysteries series3
EA FIFA seriesSoccer / Football (European) games carrying the Fédération Internationale de ...44
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