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Cenega Poland's The World of... seriesA series of limited collector's editions of various games, distributed by ...4
Flux Family Secrets seriesA series of hidden object games. 4
Head On series4
Aircraft: PBY CatalinaGames featuring the PBY Catalina in a prominent role. -- from Heroes of the ...4
Paper Toss seriesA series of games from Backflip Studios that involves, well, tossing paper into ...4
Hell Yeah!: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit seriesHell Yeah games are jump & run games, or action-adventure platformer as they ...4
Oxyd seriesIn the Oxyd series of games the player controls a rolling ball and has to touch ...4
Make My Video gamesThe Make My Video series of games challenge the player to cut together a music ...4
Saga Frontier series4
Tonko seriesTonko (통코) is a series of games by the Korean developer TWIM, all starring the ...4
Silicon Dreams seriesThree inter-related science-fiction adventures from Level 9, later released as ...4
World of Subways series4
Game Party seriesA series of party games. Each game features a number of real life activities ...4
Halloween Harry series4
System Shock seriesSystem Shock games were notable for incorporating elements of first-person ...4
Island Tribe series4
Another World / Out of This World seriesDelphine's two-part story wordlessly tells, in smooth rotoscoped polygon ...4
3D Engine: ShiVa3DGames using a version of the ShiVa3D engine (original or modified) by ...4
D→A series4
Famous Person: Albert EinsteinGames that feature a character (playable or NPC) portraying Albert ...4
Demon Hunter series4
Game Engine: CosmosGames using a version of the proprietary Cosmos game engine (original or ...4
Aircraft: Northrop Grumman E-2 HawkeyeGames featuring the Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye in a prominent role. This ...4
Badland series4
Animals: GophersGames that feature gophers as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role. 4
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