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Let's Talk About Me series2
Letter Quest series2
Letters from Nowhere series3
Level-5's Guild seriesA series of games for the Nintendo 3DS eShop published by Level 5 that involved ...8
Level 9 Middle Earth seriesA trilogy of interactive fiction games with a vague Lord of the Rings ...4
Lew Leon seriesGames featuring Leon the Lion as protagonist. 2
Leyendas de Lhodrye series2
LiberoGrande seriesA series of soccer games produced by Namco.2
Licensed Title: AthletesGames that are licensed or endorsed by specific athletes (or coaches, managers ...546
Licensed Title: Sports clubs / teamsGames that are licensed or endorsed by specific sports clubs or teams ...28
Lies of Astaroth series2
Life & Death seriesThe Software Toolworks' pair of medical simulations, putting the player in the ...2
Life is Strange series15
Lifeline series6
Liga Polska Manager seriesThe longest lasting (1995-2005) Polish league football (soccer) management ...8
Lightning Warrior Raidy series4
Lights Out variantsPuzzle games based on the "Lights Out" concept. The player is faced with a ...25
Lilo & Stitch gamesThis group consists of games that are part of the Lilo & Stitch franchise, ...5
Lineage series5
Line Rider series2
LineWars series2
Links seriesAll games and add-ons in the Access Software (now Microsoft) Links golf series.48
Lionel licensees4
Liong series2
Lips series6
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