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Wizard's Castle variantsThis game group contains games with similar gameplay to the classic The ...5
Phantasie RPG Amaranth seriesCreated by Fuga System, Amaranth is a series of Japanese RPGs with evolving ...5
Disney's Tarzan licenseesGames based on characters and scenarios from Disney's 1999 animated Tarzan ...5
Cruis'n series5
Berks seriesA collection of games written by Jon Williams.5
Eastside Hockey Manager seriesA series of sports simulation games created by Sports Interactive Limited (some ...5
3D Engine: Dark EngineGames that use the Dark Engine.5
VFR Real Scenery seriesA series of expansions for Flight Simulator X which improve the default relief ...5
Techno Kitten Adventure series5
Totally Spies! licensees5
Software Terminal's "Tele" gamesA series of modem-play two-player games developed by Scott Lamb and marketed by ...5
Tank: Pz.Kpfw. V PantherGames in which players can command the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther medium tank ...5
GooCubelets seriesA series of puzzle games developed by Zonitron Productions.5
3D Engine: DecimaGames using a version of the Decima engine (original or modified), a ...5
CastleStorm series5
Stickybear licensees5
Kingdom Under Fire series5
Dukes of Hazzard licenseesGames drawing inspiration from the television show The Dukes of Hazzard. ...5
World Heroes series5
Robotech seriesCreated by Harmony Gold in the 1980s, Robotech was made out of three mostly ...5
Chuck Norris licenseesGames featuring the American actor Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris as primary ...5
StreetPass Mii Plaza games Games installed within the StreetPass Mii Plaza software that comes pre-loaded ...5
Setting: City - FlorenceGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Florence, Italy. The ...5
American Girl licenseesGames based on the American Girl line of toys first produced by Pleasant ...5
Casebook series5
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