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3D Engine: CryEngine 1Games using the first generation of the CryENGINE (original or modified) by ...7
To Heart seriesA series of dating-themed visual novels (partially with adult content) ...7
Stealth Bastard / Stealth Inc. series7
Rome: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Rome series.7
Donkey Kong Country series7
Filler / 7 Colors variantsPuzzle games taking place on a board divided into cells of various colors, ...7
Klonoa series7
Strawberry Shortcake licenseesGames bearing the Strawberry Shortcake licensed characters.7
Nintendo's Action seriesNorth American Nintendo Entertainment System games that were marked with the ...7
Mary-Kate and Ashley licenseesGames that star Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, twin sisters who started acting at ...7
Lunar seriesLunar is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games, best known for its ...7
Paws & Claws seriesA US series of veterinary, animal care and horse racing games, aimed at ...7
City of Heroes / Villains seriesA series of MMORPG games starring superheroes. Originally, the IP was owned by ...7
Mega Games seriesCompilations of games that were bundled with Megadrive in Europe. Some of them ...7
Mario Tennis series7
Growlanser series7
3D Engine: IrrlichtGames using a version of the free and open source Irrlicht 3D engine.Related ...7
Digital Illusions Pinball seriesThe Pinball games made by Sweden's Digital Illusions team7
MTV Sports seriesGames in the MTV Sports line. A series of extreme sports games licensed by MTV ...7
Bestowers of Eternity / The Blackwell Legacy seriesA series of adventure games centered around members of the Blackwell family and ...7
Games with included comicsGames that come with a comic book as part of its package, usually as a bonus to ...7
Dr. Seuss licensees7
Alien Nations / Die Völker seriesA series of German strategy games influenced by The Settlers series. The main ...7
Mission: Impossible gamesGames licensed around either the Mission: Impossible American television series ...7
Soldier of Fortune seriesFamous for its high amounts of gore, Raven's Soldier of Fortune series follows ...7
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