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3D Engine: CryEngine 4Games using the fourth generation of the CryEngine (original or modified) by ...6
Seiddab gamesA series of Steve Turner games against a common foe.Related sites Wikipedia: ...6
Milestone MotoGP series6
Genre: Card / Tile game - Mille BornesGames based on the French card game Mille Bornes where players enter a racing ...6
Kalkofes Mattscheibe gamesAll games based on the German TV series Kalkofes Mattscheibe.6
Campaign series6
Sega Rally seriesSeries of rally games by Sega.6
Tank: T-34Games in which players can command the T-34 medium tank (and its upgraded ...6
Game Engine: HGEGames using any version of Haaf's Game Engine (HGE) used to develop 2D ...6
Hextris variantsGames based on the basic game mechanics of Tetris, but with the falling blocks ...6
NetHack revisionsGames based on NetHack source code. These include third-party versions ...6
Striker seriesA series of football (soccer) games developed by Rage Software.6
The Talos Principle series6
Pro Pinball seriesThe Pro Pinball games are a series of pinball simulators from Cunning ...6
Tales from the Borderlands series6
Middleware: GameBlocksGames using the GameBlocks online multiplayer anti-cheating technology.Related ...6
Wario Land seriesAll games as part of the Wario Land series featuring the evil twin of Mario, ...6
Anomaly series6
Family Tennis/World Court seriesA series of tennis games published by Namco.6
Geneforge series6
Micro League Sports series6
F-Zero seriesThe F-Zero games feature high-speed hovercraft racing and are published by ...6
Frozen licenseesGames based on the Disney movie inspired by The Snow Queen folktale, Frozen.6
Deal or No Deal licensees6
Nintento competition cartridgesThese are cartridges that were created for Nintendo game competitions from 1990 ...6
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