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Amazing Adventures seriesA series of hidden object games where the player searches for treasure all over ...5
Stickybear licensees5
Power Instinct seriesFighting game series from Atlus, known as Gouketsuji Ichizoku in Japan.5
Robot seriesThe titles of the ROBOT series are arcade puzzle games written by Christian ...5
NiGHTS series5
Deadpool licensees5
TIGSource Commonplace Book competitionGames created for the Commonplace Book competition hosted by the website ...5
Scribblenauts series5
GW seriesA series of games for the iPhone/iPod Touch by Aaron Ardiri. All games are ...5
Trauma Center series5
Chibi-Robo! seriesChibi-Robo! games, developed by Skip, incorporate elements of different genres, ...5
NBA Street seriesSeries of basket ball video games played on public street courts.5
Odallus series5
Shiawase Usagi gamesShiawase Usagi ("Happy Rabbit") is a series of unlicensed, ...5
Firefall groupThis group is for the massively-multiplayer online sci-fi shooter Firefall, its ...5
Super Ski series5
Ball Revamped series5
Imperium Romanum series5
Sly Cooper series5
Namco MotoGP seriesIn April 2007, Capcom acquired the license until 2012.5
Ricky Carmichael licensees5
Mount&Blade seriesA medieval strategy/role playing/simulation hybrid series originally developed ...5
Battlecruiser series5
Crazy Cars series5
Pocky & Rocky seriesThe games about the little shinto priestess and her raccoon.5
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